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Anyone like the new arena reward trophies system?

I really hate it.
I think the new system was non-sense and unreasonable. When i compete with opponent with higher level and dino boost abilities and i lost, i always lose 50 trophies points. And again when i compete with higher level and dino that boost high abilities and i won, i got only 10 points reward. I think the old rewards systems was far more better than this one


I Will be in lockwood with my team of 29 uniqe:-( always losing 50 :-(( it is NOT fun to battle any more :-((


Everyone in my team is facing this issue and I’m sure lot of other players would be facing the same.

When you lose a battle you lose in multiples of 30-40 trophies and if you win a battle you get only 10 trophies.

I’m ok with this module if you are facing lower level dinos, but this persists even with teams with level 30 dinos. How unfair is that?

Most of my teammates have dropped trophy counts in hundreds and have been wiped off of the leaderboard (me included).

This was raised before by many players and had hoped they would fix this in the maintenance but Ludia didn’t seem to care enough even to address it

All in all Arena is unplayable for most!


I’m going through the rapid move back to 4500 trophies even though I’m winning 60% of my battles.


I liked it at first but now I take it all back. I’ve dropped 800 trophies in 2 nights to BS and dumb luck on their end. After I lose to some Lucky sob I have to win 5 matches to make up for what I lost. I was so wrong haha


I don’t believe that the arena reward system or the stat boosts are going to be a problem in the long term. I know it feels bad right now, but hear me out on this. This always happens when there is a major change of this type. It is the original meaning of paradigm shift. The rules which established the previous “norm” have changed.

People at the extreme edges are affected the most. The numbers that everyone has gotten used to over the last year will no longer be sustainable or attainable. Everyone will settle into a new “normal range”, and the boundaries of “top 500”, “top 100” and so on will shift and be represented by different ranges of numbers. In statistical modeling, this is called “boundary-layer turbulence”. You have a static (stationary and balanced) condition (“the old way”) which has a dynamic (new flow, repositioning, or a change in equation) condition (“the new way”) which will affect all of the inhabitants of the environment to some degree.

In short, things will settle out over time and when the dust clears you will still be as good as you ever were and you will wind up in the same neighborhood you occupied before. It’s just that the “numbers” representing your position will be different. Only people who do not participate in arena will remain unaffected… but that’s just delaying the inevitable for them. There might be some new people in your neighborhood due to the stat boosts, but they will be no different than your old neighbors, and might even be a bit more chaotic (hot/cold) than the “usual” opponent.

I’d suggest that everyone pay less attention to the “numbers” and more attention to the competition you’re facing. Eventually, I believe it will all settle out again.


The boosts have made the arenas a joke once again. Win 10 lose 50. I’m just going to stop battling for a while and see what happens. Right now I can’t compete with these super teams of lower levels. I’m more frustrated than I was before because this time it’s intentional. Just dumb to sell that many boosts.

Is there a certain trophy count where this really comes into effect? I never had this happen to me yet but I am only in Jurassic Ruins.

I think it’s in Aviary. I think you need to be 4500 trophies to see this phenomenom.

Down in marshes I’m +/-24-32 right now.

I guess it’s good that I won’t be there for awhile.

Its mostly related to avairy… or if your running a team at a higher level then your avg opponents…

I guess there should be a poll like with darting system. May be when Ludia see 80% who hate this trophy system, may be they will fix it.


I keep losing around 30 trophies to people with more trophies, and better dinos. They will have a team with 2 or 3 UNIQUES on it (I don’t even have one that I have started creating yet) but I just went three matches in a row of being not only paired with these people, but then losing ~30 trophies to each of them. WTH? I thought that the matchmaking was supposed to take dino quality into account along with trophy count now, but it seems all off.


What arena are you in, what is the highest rarity and level on your dinos? Have you boosted your dinos?

So much exaggeration… Although I don’t particularly care for this new system both matchmaking and trophies awarded it isn’t as bad as everyone’s making out. You only lose 50 if you are defeated by an opponent significantly beneath you and defeating opponent who is equal to or above you does not more than 10 trophies in fact I’m regularly getting 50 trophies from wins

With all due respect I beg to differ, Ludia never came out and said this would be the model they have incorporated for arena from hereon.

This looks like a clear glitch in the matrix and Ludias incompetency to rectify has taken things to whole new level.

It’s impossible to not pay attention to numbers coz at the end of the day numbers are what determines the winner in this game. I was in top100 before this glitch and now I have vanished from the leaderboard altogether.

There is no quality to look forward to in Arena now a days, it’s all pay your way up to the top.

I’m sorry but you are simply wrong about that. Obviously the boosts are not factored in to any of this. I’m routinely losing 50 trophies to teams that easily beat me due to boosts. I was at 5100 yesterday I’ve won half my matches and I am now at about 4800 trophies. It is what it is but it is a fact. I don’t pretend to know your experience and you certainly don’t know mine.

As someone with avg lvl dino of 22 that stays between 4700-4800…

I could climb higher simply because of these trophy issues… i always take 30-50 trophies… and i think ive had 1 loss worth 30 the past 3 days… most are between 10-20 and even 20 is rare…

I have had losing records and a net gain of trophies…

Like i said I benefit from this system at the expensive of those who have spent more time leveling their team.


Wrong? If you lose to a higher opponent you are not losing 50 trophies, youre losing 13 or 20 or 10. If you defeat those same people youre winning 40 or 50. Youre losing 50 trophies because someone who shouldnt beat you does. I got enough free.boost to not only stay competitive but Ive risen a few hundred trophies. I said I dont care for the new system but people are exaggerating and I stand by that, this game attracts exaggeraters

I do not have a dog in this fight as I am several Arena lower. But read Evictions post, he explains the situation perfectly from the other perspective of being the one who is winning the 50.

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