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Anyone not able to revenge in Arena?

Got attacked 8 times last night and this morning I can’t revenge any of them. They are not revenges on their part because I have never attacked them before. Anyone else has this happening?


I don’t think that has happened to me before, SunshineXz. The only time I’ve not been able to revenge was because they attacked me using the revenge feature. :sweat_smile:

However, our support team would be happy to take a closer look if you reach out to them here at with your support key.

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I have had the same thing. But have other open tickets so I haven’t sent in one.

It’s quite possible they may have been using an 8-hour shield from the store, i had many that were like this and they became available for revenge later. So it may not be a bug.

All at the same time?? I think it’s a bug.

I sometimes am not able to revenge for some hours if I revenged a lot before, but if I wait a certain time, I can go on.

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Well, support says that players are limited to 10 revenges per season, if i am not mistaken. Though i have never reached that limit myself…

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They told me that too, but I am more than certain that I have done more than 10 per season. That’s usually how I find my opponents now, I just revenge them.