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Anyone notice a problem with stun?

So I somehow ended up with dracorex up against tryko. Tryko was faster so it took its shot, I was able to stun it. So on the next turn tryko couldn’t hit, so I hit it with fierce impact. To my surprise tryko hit its counter on me. I thought it was supposed to be stunned for 1 whole turn? What is going on? Is this a new thing? I’d like answers.

Draco2 can’t stun and 1 doesn’t have fierce impact

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i think that he meant to say dracoceratops.

Ah yes my bad. I meant to write dracoceratops

His turn gets taken but because he moved faster he got to have his turn before and then he loses the stun and the counter goes off when you hit him

Well that doesn’t make sense cus counter is part of the same turn so he still should not be able to counter. If I had swapped in say monostego and stunned tryko, then tryko wouldn’t attack and wouldn’t counter, even if tryko was faster

Oh well. Whatever. I’m quickly losing interest in this game anyway

But if you swapped mono in it would count as you being faster therefore the counter won’t go off