Anyone notice an increase in cheaters today


I have never run into cheaters before, but just had 2 battles in a row where I met them.

1st match I was killed by a gorgo after he had 0 Life left and was the 3rd Dino I killed.

2nd match just stopped when I was about to kill the opponent 3rd Dino and opponent won. Want fast enough to get a screen shot on the 2nd one but his name was “Marcus”.

Anyone run into this? I am only at 3500 so not a big deal for me but frustrating.


Yes cheaters are everywhere they are hiding within or midst! Save yourselves before we are overcome!

Now glitches are being caused by cheaters!

Here is the list!
Someone has better dinosaurs
Every time you lose
Any time anything happens that is unusual
Someone has an epic at level 10

Ludia needs to shut down the game it’s infested

If you don’t like my snarky attitude I’m sorry :neutral_face:

But every time something doesn’t go your way stop with the C word!

Btw next time the second scenario occurs force close and reopen the app before you hit continue

There are indeed cheaters in the game using spoofing but since this is the 200 thread about it…

Next time go post in one of them


That’s the most true thing I’ve ever read.


I am not sure I understand the snarkiness. What happened is pure cheating not anything on your list or a bug, but pure cheating.

An opponent killing me with 0 health and the game stopping before I can kill opponent and him winning. This is not whining, this is pure cheating.

I am sure everyone appreciates you playing forum cop and I am sure it boosts your self esteem though so I will just say thank you from all the entire Ludia forum members.


Well since you’re an expert on cheating I will leave you to your game and PLEASE disregard what I said about the second battle cause it’s cheating! I however have won 5 battles after the cheaters cheated by doing what I said!

Next time hit the continue button and than come here and start another thread!

Adios amigo


@DracoInfernalis thank you!


Wow just wow! Ok it was snarky but true. I experienced the same thing. I had only lost 1 dinosaur and it came up opponent won. After doing what Rolybert said I was back in the same game. I never had that first thing so it may have been cheating.


2f9 [twenty characters]


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If you look at the damage of some dinos they have odd numbers as the damage at certain levels. The dino could use an impact move and do the shown damage but with an unshown .10 damage or .50 damage. Your opponent could possibly have 0.3 health left but the game won’t show it because it dosen’t show decimal numbers and could round it to the nearest showable number which could be zero but it’s just what’s shown, not the actual health, making it appear as it should be dead but it’s really shouldn’t be.

But that’s just a theory.(probably a correct one)


DOTS (damage over time) can be another reason why you might die anyway after killing your opponent. I’ve drawn matches because of it.


They’re not talking about draws, they’re talking about their opponent having “0” hp and still living.


I read it differently, but ok :+1: