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Anyone notice Mortem Rex is just bigger Rexy with different skin

It has the eye scar from Indy and neck scars from Indy and Jp raptors along with the same pose as Rexy from end of Jw on the helicopter landing place.


What have they done to Rexy?!

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I guess they didnt wanna get copyright striked using Godzilla’s design :rofl: Imo, that wouldve made it look leagues cooler and menacing.


Ikr, that would explain why it is just a rex with /more attack. Rexy is the queen but they modified her to look like King of the Monsters. How could they!?


How much DNA for beating it?

I believe its 10 if Im not mistaken

That’s just… Completely pitiful based off how insanely hard it’s been said to be…


Atleast you cant buy your way to it :wink:

It better be like 30 dna to create or something


Unfortunately, that joke/sarcasm isn’t actually applicable because it’s been outright stated that Apex creatures are only available through raids. I really don’t like being “that guy”, but it needs to be said. lol

Edit: Only just realized I misread that statement. lol

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Lol I literally meant it, no sarcasm behind it, nor double playing the word.

Lol, try 700

Oof ok if I start now and win vs it every single week I should be able to create it before I’m 95!!!


I said hi there

Yes my eye scar… idk if I’m Rexy or not, I don’t remember

dont forget the neck scars. It looks like the wounds from JP but not JW.

Guys, it also has Indom quills, Indy secretly survived And surrounded itself with mososaur skin which is why we don’t have aquatics,


Uhhhh… I don’t remember

Ooh, cool plot line evacuated,