Anyone noticed there's a mad increase in spinosaurus from yesterday?

What’s your finding?

Literally zero Spinos this past week and today included. Very odd to me. Used to be plentiful.

Rare or epic?

I’ve seen more Spino gen 2 than usual. I didn’t even unlock it until 2 weeks ago because it was so rare for me to see it. Now I have enough DNA to level it twice

The rare ones. I’m suspicious if it’s paving the way to bleeder maniac

I’m seeing a lot more think I saw 4-5 yesterday and also megalosaurus was a very rare sighting around me and they’re also showing up a lot more

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I’ve only seen one in the wild ever and I was on a train and passed 155m from it :slightly_frowning_face:
It was the last Epic I unlocked.

I see a lot of it since 1.14 update

Until a week ago, the spinosauro (rare) was very difficult to see for me and, instead, for a week or so I see every day and sometimes two or three.

That’s right, I totally forgot that too. Those 2 bloomed like it’s the start of spring

So Cavs fan or LeBron fan?

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More like I will give JR the MVP chant. Nah, it’s safe to say I’m a T-Rex fan😋

Oh god don’t get me started

I think I’ve seen one or two but no more. That is still more than I’ve seen in weeks though.

I haven’t noticed that yet, but I won’t complain if I do😁. I have seen 2 sinoceratops yesterday, that was a most welcome surprise!

I saw 4 x Spino Gen 2 and managed to get 2.

Both. Keep it rain!

a “mad increase” would be from 0 to 1 per week to 1 to 2 per week. so not really.

Got my first in the wild ever tonight but it was using (my 1st) an epic scent. I was spewing because I really wanted Monolophosaurus but ended up getting him too with 3 mins to go with the epic scent didn’t fuse well but still :slight_smile: