Anyone play just every other day?

With the move to not go to daylight savings time, this game is a lot less convenient for me to play daily.

I was thinking since the rollover is later in my time zone, I could do two days in one day. Start maybe an hour before the event reset.

I was thinking I would play Tuesday (mon and tues events), Thursday (wed and Thur events), Friday (no early, mainly due to tournaments) and Sunday (sat and sun events).

I sort of wanted to do mon/wed/fri/sun, but I’d miss the Tuesday discount window and tues plus wed events are tougher. Either way, I get Saturday off.

I have a super deep line up around L1 Indoraptors.

Has anyone done this? What advice might you have?


I have found myself doing several events in the morinings lately, including doing yesterday’s events today. I don’t like playing that way because there is no cushion timewise. I used to be able to get a jump on the new events in the morning and that worked much better for me


Are some days more problematic than others? I can see F4F sometime requiring a few tries and being problematic if doing it Wednesday morning.

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The cushion typically isn’t needed due to having to redo events. It’s more that I’ve got an hour-and-a-half in the mornings to do whatever. If I hit snooze or get distracted, or the kids need more direct supervision or the Game is crashing or freezing, there’s only so much time available


I wake up every morning and my son and i try to do as much as we can before we head to school/work

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Have you ever had to skip a day and than do that too the next morning? If so, how did that go?

Not yet, but I am going camping next week so I will miss a few days. Going to load up my incubators with legendaries before I leave.