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Anyone ran into this beneficial glitch?

I was just fighting the Anvil of Dumathoin on his last level. I had a character who could shoot three rows standing in her starting position. He drops a boulder on her for no damage. Then he uses his sword for no damage. She got hit with like three more boulders for no damage. It was great to get this glitch since Anvil of Dumthoin has that cheap sword attack, but I wanted to mention it so no one would think I was cheating. Not sure how it happened.

It’s not cheating. The game uses a RNG do determine everything.

So the random number generator determined that my character and a rock could occupy the same space multiple times?

This is indeed a glitch/bug. Obviously beneficial bugs are reported less often then non-beneficial bugs :slightly_smiling_face: if you want, you can provide the Ludia team the details to fix this. It cannot be considered cheating, because people also have had to abandon challenges because of bugs… and it is nothing you did intentionally

Sorry, I thought you were referring to how the rock missed your character.

I was confused by this as well. You said they dropped a boulder on you and you said they hit you with boulder. You didn’t say they stayed in the same place together