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Anyone return today?

All I have active are Alex, Nicholas and Mamoru

Not yet everyone is waiting for a return :ok_hand:

Thanks I spent some time sending Noah, Dr Vile, Liam and Jonathan back into the void where they should be :smiling_imp:

While I impatiently wait for MY Sage, Jasmin and Samantha to return

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Well damn it was Seth, hope that means some of the long dark characters are coming back

I. Am. So. Exited.

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Jamie Grant.

But it’s been so long since he was last active I honestly thought I was chatting to Antoine, so when he said he was in Shanghai I was like, wait what? Shanghai ain’t in the Andes!

But then he mentioned OZO and the penny dropped!

God, it’s been, like, six months or something, how am I supposed to remember what happened last time?!?

I’m just ecstatic that someone else made it out if the damn basement.

I can’t wait to see who’s next to break out!!!

(And no kidding. I haven’t seen Jamie in so long i was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have some more entertaining options dialog wise… considering he fell off the face of the earth for months)

I can’t even do anything with Seth because he’s still broken for me. A stupid black screen every time I try to go on one of the dates still.

I have my fingers crossed for Vittoria. I just want to know if I need to buy her a muzzle and if we can go on another date without her setting off my allergies. Or if she’s now a fully blown lycanthropic minion of Baba Yaga.

If so, I might need to stock up on silver bullets.

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I wish we can get some continuing stories soon. I only have one female character left (Angel) All the others have gone grey.

Fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

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You should contact help then for that issue

As far as I know they never got him fixed for anyone else that got the exact same glitch so I haven’t bothered. Multiple people that chose the exact same path I did ended up with the same glitch. I think a lot of the ones with the glitch were ones who were locked out of the game for months not to long after it came out because of their servers

I’ve never had a glitch and I’ve been playing since last September

Were you one of the ones who couldn’t play for 3+ months because of a server issue causing the game to be unable to load.

No never had that problem