Anyone’s App acting up and crashing etc?

I have never had the app crashed before but it has crashed six times in the past hour. I rebooted my iPhone 8 and it is still doing it. I also noticed that when I clicked on one of the dino stops, It was showing double like you had blurry vision. Is anyone else having this problem or any issues with the app?

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Sometimes I have huge lags and then I can’t spin drops anymore. Need to reset…

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Mine’s crashed a few times :roll_eyes:

Mine has crashed few time today.

Mine crashes (disappears) when I take my phone out of standby after about 30 minutes.

Not only does mine keep crashing, but the chat server doesn’t work and it doesnt allow me to accept friend requests. Something is definitely wrong :frowning:

Well, that’s an understatement.

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Mostly happens 1 or 2 times where after battling or going somewhere else in the game and back I get a big crash where I can’t tap on anything in the map which makes me have to reset the game.

Seriously? Lol. Only 10 times a day for the past 7-8 months

It helps if you go into any creature screen. Then close it. And the spin drops should return to normal

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Ok so I’m not going crazy. Thanks guys

jurassic world the game is also down as well, there really anything to feel at this point because Ludia just makes one mistake(often deliberately) after another

Yes I am getting same message over and over again. I am running latest iPhone updates and app updates (I checked twice)…my signal is full so it’s definitely not on my end.

“Difficulty connecting to servers error code 10044“

And this downtime is happening during the titanboa 11 days