Anyone seen this before?

I have a member in my alliance that has recently become eligible to run apex raids. I run raids with this person all the time, even other apex. The issue is with the Lux raid. They run tryo but the first move, which should be RTC, shows strike and the timer runs all the way to zero. No matter when they click the move it never registers, it shows strike then once the timer goes to zero the image immediately changes to RTC. When it’s tryos turn the move used is strike. What could be going on? As I said it’s only this raid, only happens to them, and happens every single time. Any way to fix this? I’ve never seen this before. Thank you!

Hey there, RedHeadGamer1204. Could you please ask your Alliance member to write to our support team at with their support key? Our team would be more than happy to take a closer look at this for them.


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You sure that he clicks in time?

Happend to be before when i leave the game to another App (for Example Discord) and switched back to JWA (game didnt let me choose the attack)


I will definitely have him do that thank you!

Yes he’s clicking it everytime. It could possibly be switching between apps. I’ll see if we can try again but make sure he has nothing over the game. Thank you!

It has happened to me before. This may happen if they are having connection issues

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That’s a possibility too it’s just so weird that it’s only that specific raid. We had run multiple raids right before it, same as last week. So I was wondering if it was a glitch somewhere. Thank you!