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Anyone seen this?

Has anyone seen a tenrex yet because I haven’t

Yes. Found a couple round my neighbourhood.


Ok, good to know they actually spawn😊

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If I darted paramoloc at one of the supply drops can tenrex then spawn their or is it only able to spawn para?

Could you maybe confirm what I said above @Ned?

You get one attempt for Paramoloch, and one for Tenrex. Their attempt counts are treated seperately because they’re of different rarities.

Edit: Misread the question. I’m pretty sure Tenrex and Para can spawn at any stop. Just that for me at least, I’ve mostly gotten Tenrex for the stops in range of me.

Thanks, now I just need to hope it spawns

Don’t think I’ll be getting it in 40 minutes, the stop in range hasn’t changed from para since yesterday so the dream of unlocking tenrex will be delayed😭

I have A LOT

I wish I did