Anyone sick of Iguanodons?

Here in local 4 there are plenty of good things to dart:

Parassaurolofo is the common everyone envies us, then sucomino with her Dot Sia and she is a great ingredient of Sucotator (we all receive irritator gen 2 from incubators), then we have spinosauro (we all know meta will change on Dot dinos after the current tank meta), giraffatitan is another ingredient, we see Rajasauro, anchilosauro, gorgosuco… And we have the courage to complain about Iguanodonte that is now in our local zone for I think less then one month?

People are never happy… and never will be.

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I’ve got 26K as well, we’ll be laughing when Iguanteradon Rex comes out!! :rofl:


Cool day! On the radar was such suchomimus, ankly, and mono! Thanks for the shake up! And some of us are happy no matter our comments or suggestions. The game is fun and interesting and the dart drone is a cool idea!

Ps. Also found two t-Rex yesterday. Wow! Wish I could dart those like I do the velociraptor. Still happy…