Anyone try the new incubator?

Curious what it drops for you

bc i was thinking about it lol

I would never buy one because the chances of getting crap DNA are just too high for me to justify the cost of it.

I would need guaranteed Magna, otherwise I’d never even consider entertaining the idea of possibly buyin any Premium.

I bought two… I was hoping the second one would make me not regret the first one so much. I did get some bary, posti, irritatior, gorgo, but they threw in gen 2 irritator and a bunch of nundasuchus. Levelled up megalo, Tyro and have a bunch of posti left over. I was just telling the hubby yesterday that I’m way more vulnerable to buy incubators in the early mornings… was it worth what I spent, nope. At least he doesn’t care what I spend, like he said it’s your money.