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Anyone try to get a refund for accidental purchase?

So, while I was at work last week, I was playing RoB at lunch. When lunch ended, I jammed my phone back in my pocket and continued with my workday. After work, I pulled my phone back out of my pocket, and to my dismay, had inadvertently bought $108.94 of Runes (Hoard of Runes) because the game was open and the phone had not locked when placed in my pocket. And to top it off, I am a Dragon Rider, and the Hoard I received wasn’t even the 30k Rider bonus amount; it was 20k (why the heck is the “non-Rider” 20k amount even being offered when the game knows you are a Rider, and the 30k Rider special amount is appearing right next to it anyway?)

So now I am out $108.94 for an incorrect amount of Runes that I never wanted to begin with. I subsequently set my Google Play In-App settings to now require a password to proceed with in-app purchases to prevent this from ever happening again.

Right after this happened, I contacted Ludia and had a refund request ticket opened, explaining what happened, and attached my receipt from PayPal. Next day, a rep from Ludia emailed me back stating that they needed the receipt from Google Play, not PayPal (wish they had specified this in the Help Section to begin with). So I attached the Google Play receipt that was required, and replied back.

It has been 4 days now, and no one is contacting me back, the Runes are still there in my game, and no refund has come back. I can’t fully play RoB because I am now avoiding touching any Runes (am only earning and not spending).

Does it really take this long to get a response back for a refund? If the game wasn’t designed with so many pop-up offers at every turn, and had prompt-acknowledgment boxes prior to proceeding with purchases, this wouldn’t have happened.

I’ve had good experience, but I’ll admit that I had a problem with a purchase a while back and ran into a similar issue. After a few days, I finally just contacted my App Store and got my refund from them. Best of luck.

An update… Still no word from Ludia. My app store (Google Play) said they cannot issue a refund as they already passed the money to Ludia, and that I had to file a claim with PayPal. So that is what I have done at this point, which takes up to a month.

What irks me, aside from discovering a surprise $100 charge, and a time period now measuring in weeks for action (or inaction in my case) to have it fixed, is that the amount of Runes I received for the Hoard of Runes level purchase was the standard 20k, and not the 30k that a Dragon Rider like myself should have received, and Ludia never acknowledged that problem nor offered to fix THAT as an alternate remedy. Kind of feel that, once you make a purchase in Ludia’s games, you don’t matter much to them after that. Sad.

Sorry to hear about that. For what it is worth, the customer service used to be better. I’ve spent less money as the customer service has declined. You gotta decide how far you are willing to push the issue. If I were in your position, I’d end up getting determined and contact my credit card company and contest the charges, and change the settings on my phone to make an accidental purchase less likely. I sincerely hope it all works out and you get your money back.

Thanks. I did just that - password required for any purchase now, and the charge is now contested with PayPal and my bank. Yes, I could just “let it go”, but then again, I got shorted 10k Runes, too.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Update. Refund finally came through yesterday.

If this ever happens to anyone, simply keep your accidentally-purchased item(s) unused, and contact Ludia AND Playstore right away. It will take less than 48 hours that way. If you contact your app store greater than 48 hours from the time of your purchase, the money will have already gone to Ludia, and you will have to wait 7-10 business days for the turn-around to occur.

Congrats! And thank you for the advice. I suspect that could help a lot of people.