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Anyone understand invisibility

When my thief is invisible, at the center row, he regularly gets attacked even though I have other teammates on the board(they are rows back).

When I fight other opponents and their thief is invisible, I can’t attack that thief even if he’s the only character within range.

@khmer, there are two parameter which must be satisfied to attack a stealth hero.

  1. The attacker must be unable to strike a non-stealth hero. [If possible, the attacker must strike a non-stealth hero before the stealth hero]
  2. The attacker must be unable to move forward. [If possible, the attacker must move forward before attacking a stealth hero]

In the situation you presented, it is likely you are unable to attack your opponents Rogue because your attacking hero could either move or attack an alternative hero.


Of course moving left and right doesn’t count
There also the melee that can attack a stealth if there no other visible target.

You play a bard
Ennemy play rogue and ranger

Rogue is in middle right in front of you and ranger is out of range for you. You can’t advance rogue is there you can’t attack him he is stealth and ranger is out of range. Only thing you can do is move back

It the only time I feel you should be able to target a stealth target but can’t

Here a frustrating exemple middle row invisible rogue

It’s another thing I think they should tweak more. It’s nice they fixed the Dom’d toon attack stealthier toons when another is possible thing. Personally I think stealthier toons should get an added advantage that works when they are the last or only viable target (concealment-bonus miss chance, say 10%)

That is the scenario, correct.

So the reason they can attack my rogue is because they are melee and are unable to advance, as my rogue is directly infront of them, and they also have no one else to attack?