Anyone use Tragodistis? Or in the past?

I’m hovering in between Lockdown and Sorna Marshes and I’m just curious that Trago is worth the money needed at my level. Saw it used once and it destroyed me but that was the only time I’ve seen it.

It can remain relevant even up into the 5,000 range so yes it is worth having and leveling though I would not consider it a true end game dinosaur

I’m in the 5000 range and had to bench my Trag. The boosts totally neutered it, even boosting it doesn’t help.

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Was still using mine a couple mths back, lvl27 speed boosted to 131, but recently benched due to facing too many chompers in low aviary, thors, magnas, trykos. And need to boost attack to be effective. Has a few encounters myself, not too many tho, but remember fighting one where it was speed boosted to 145. :smile:
I may still bring it into my team once in a while, just to change things up a bit. :slight_smile:

I still use mine. In top 100.

Great against erlidom/dilorac and other non chompers.


Trags still roam Lockwood/Aviary in good numbers. Much more so than Stegod. Trag is a great counter against Erlidoms. And boosting her speed is convenient too.

Trago is great and a must have, in my opinion. I feel like it doesn’t really shine until it gets leveled up some though so you’ll be questioning if you want to keep it or not until it hits that point where you say “Hell yeah, this is great now.”

Tragodistis has been a cornerstone of my team since unlocking. Even with defense shatterers dominating the arenas, and bleeders/DoT still a factor, Trago can be a major advantage in lots of matchups. Can be a key asset against Erlidom, since it has no shield breaking OR armor piercing; dismantles Diloracherius almost completely, and can take a big chunk out of Utarinex (if not killing it, although that’s harder in this absurd, post-boost meta).

At best, Trago can - even now - go 2-0 and get a hit in against the third dino (with luck and good timing of moves, I’ve 3-0ed teams before, too); at worst, yeah, one-shotted… but usually, it’s somewhere in the middle: a big chunk out of the first dino, and a good setup for the second dino if you use your stun/superiority strike/invincibility properly. 75% of the time, it’s an advantage.

Edit: Oh, and this was true when I was >5,400 trophies, and is still true (a shade under 5,000).

I haven’t used her much since reaching Aviary. She was one of the 2 tanks on my team next to Monostegoceratops. However, her usefulness fell since the rise of chompers. :sob:

I leveled mine up to 30 a few months ago, but have since benched it. I’ve been using suchotator and tryostronix in my lineup. They are level 30 and 29 respectively, but I’ve been considering benching one in favor trago. All three dinos have their strengths and weaknesses, so there’s always a tradeoff.

I’m heavily invested in Tryo. L29; Tiers 4/5/6. High speed, massive attack (RTC+FS+DSR+Crit=10,389 damage). Timed correctly, and with cloak/evasive RNG in your favor, it’ll clear the decks (although, that’s true of most dinos). Having RTC be a non-strike move can be HUGE when you have limited HP remaining and you’re up against a Tryk or Dioraj.


I haven’t used any boosts on tryo, trago, or suchotator. I intend on eventually using them on magna, but it’s only level 24. So, those three are my weakest links. The reasons that you just stated are why I use tryo, but boosted tryks have made mine less effective.

I lagged on Irritator for sooooo long that I’d already brought Tryo up to L26 or 27 by the time I could unlock Magna, so all my Dimetrodon went there. Now, I have a ton of Irritator, but not only do I lack Dimetrodon, my Tryo is so heavily invested, I gotta stay the course.

I’ve been using her since sorna and have been in around t500 for a while. She’s 29 and tier 5 attack and HP. Not need to speed her up. She can handle magna, dilorach and if you get the stun rinex. I’ve even taken out tryko with her a few times. She doesn’t handle Thor well though.

I will keep her in my team until the end I think. A super useful high damage output tank. Only thing I’d consider in her place would be monostego but I need more levels for that.