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Anyone want to confirm Carbonemys being in the wild this week?

I have scents ready for it, but given Ludia’s track record, I’d like to be sure.

Yep saw one at my house actually.


It’s the hybrid pursuit.

So it’s Carbonym not Nasuto?

My news feed says Carbonemys. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was actually surprised too. I thought it would be Nasutoceratops first.


i thought it would’ve been nasuto as well. Maybe it goes by how they appear in the fuse order? Carbo appears before nasuto.


Can confirm, just got one from an epic scent. Was hoping for more than one, but I guess I can’t expect too much these days.

Carbonemys needs to not be just park exclusive. I live in a city where there aren’t any parks so I am getting shafted everytime in regards to the turtle. It seems to be unfair.


Today was a very good day for me.

I found three. :slightly_smiling_face::turtle: That’s pretty phenomenal because I usually have really bad luck with hybrid pursuits when the ingredient is an epic. I’m hoping to find more as the week progresses.


I saw 2 hidden proximity spawns on the way home but was driving too fast to grab either.

Nice! I played a lot over a large distance and didn’t see any.

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Caught 1 on epic scent today xdx

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found 8 yesterday.


One just appeared a few minutes ago directly on me while I was just sitting in my office.
It tried to hug me also.

For a moment I thought it was a karma’s reward, for yesterday I’ve lost the daily 100 carbo DNA forgetting to play a single battle that would have completed the whole series.
Karma, where are you now?

Well, since the latest patch they’ve been out in the wild…

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Wow, so high level Smiloneyms coming from you too soon :slight_smile:

yup… the natural way.

True … I assume not taunting me specifically though :slight_smile:

I used 2 epic scents and got none. Ugh.