Anyone with nodotitan?


Could you battle me? I’m curious to see how good it is as the skillset looks promising.

Sprectomegakai #2887


He’s not soo good, sorry, my game still in French :thinking:


Its really underwhelming. Its moves looks promising but its so weak. It hits like a wetnoodle and while it can take a beating it just feels like postponing the enevitable.


Maybe I can try use it in team with all other tanks bored my opponent out or until he disconnects from the match


From what I’ve seen a regular Giraffatitan is better. The swap in slow and rampage has won me a handful of games. I’m at 3500 and hes pretty viable at lvl 16. Was bummed to see his hybrid wasnt that good.


Agreed. Anything with nullify walks all over this guy. Slowed them with dec. impact? Great, now what? Should have at either kept rampage, given him another 1.5x, or bumped up the counter-attack. As is the DNA is still best spent on Stegod.


It needs to be a decelerating rampage. Legendary without 2x attacks are just pathetic. The new Monolometrodon is the same deal. Incredibly low damage and no 2x attacks.


I played against 1 today, it wasnt special.