Anyone's account been reset yet from spoofing?


Just want to know if they started it yet

I told ludia I spoofed
Spoofing question
Anyone complete the reset process yet?
Getting green cash back after reset? (For spoofing)

Yes mine has. No refund until the upcoming tournament tho it said, then im supposed to get the in game cash or whatever. I only spent like 20 bucks tho


Did they let you know it was deleted or was it just gone randomly?


When i sent in the support code they said that they would delete my account then it was probably 22 hours later or so i launched the game and it was reset.


Idk when this tournament is tho, thats what im wandering


Honestly i haven’t played much so i dont remember but no i havent spoofed since i made ludia aware of it in my email. The only reason i did was because i was down for a week from surgery, saw the game and thought it looked fun lol. Had no idea all this would happen, first time spoofer here :raised_hand:


I see. I understand.


It was fun while it lasted, ive never traveled so much in my life lol


I wrote them like four days ago and I only recieved the automatic answer that they will put my in queue but after then they never answered, what should I do?


I would email them again and say you have still heard nothing


That’s interesting. Did you tell them your situation, or did you just say “ I’m guilty”? I was curious as to whether or not they would show leniency in certain situations.


I told them in detail my situation but they didnt seem to care. I guess anybody could make something up, but i was being genuine


They haven’t replied to me for almost 5 days now. Sent an email and another reminder so far. Should I send another reminder?


Id just keep bugging em


They told me three days ago my account had been reset. Yet, I’ve been playing on it daily. Completely clueless. My guess is I’ll be keeping it.


Same here, just sent again the mail but still nothing :frowning:


Maybe if your name isn’t on their identified list of spoofers they just ignore you? I spoofed once and I want a reset so I can use the in game cash in a better way.


So what exactly will we get back?
Cash from buying gold?
Or incubators?
Or incubator speed ups?
Or just cash we payed for with real money or will tapjoy offers be sent too?


Cash you got from purchasing with real money. Since I only buy the “one time offers” I asked about the coins and DNA that were included with those and was told I would receive the in game cash equivalent of those.


This game sucks without spoofing for real. Nothing spawns when you walk, so wheres the incentive im going back to pokemon go keep my money Ludia your game sucks!