Anyway to view our battle stats?


Right now I’m undefeated at 480. I know not really impressive lol. Was just wondering if there’s somewhere to view our own stats in the game?


Would be cool to see win/lose stats as well… Also vs AI and players. The AI in arena 6 is so brutal matches are completely random haha.

Win rates / dino could also be cool stats and average level (dont measure the AI…). As for now thats not possible.


I didnt even know played Al’s! Good to know lol. More scared of them then real players I think! I think adding personal stats should be a top priority for them. Its great to have a leaderboard but what kind of good leaderboard doesnt show stats? Lol


Ye true, i’d like more detailed stats as well!


I’ve seen some people mention they’re ranking. I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find it. Can someone point me in the right direction, thanks.


Only the top 500 players are ranked. You can see it in the battle screen if it’s the case or in your profile screen