Apatosaurus but made in China (Creature file #16)

Creature file is back. That means it’s time for a new creature to be in my file. Today creature, a sauropod that appears in Dinosaur Train, but sadly appears only in one episode. The sauropod that I want y’all to welcome is Zingongosaurus. Also, I’ll be doing a post with two creatures in it, so stay tuned.


Rarity: Epic

Health: 6750

Attack: 1280

Speed: 105

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Pinning Strike

Decelerating Rampage

Precise Shattering Impact

Possible hybrid: Pyrogong, fuse with Pyrritator and Zingongosaurus

Rarity: Unique

Health: 7000

Attack: 1320

Speed: 108

Armor: 0%

Critical: 20%


Pinning Strike

Ready to Crush

Precise Shattering Impact

Decelerating Rampage

  • The name, Zingongosaurus, means “Zingong Lizard”.

  • Zingongosaurus only appears in Dinosaur Train, a kids show.

Try to guess the next creature: What dinosaur live in Kazakhstan during the late Cretaceous, and it’s a hadrosaurs? (No looking at google. That’s cheating.)

A. Altirhinus
B. Jaxartosaurus
C. Aralosaurus


Hey guys. After I’m done with the next creature , I want y’all to choose what creature should I do for my later creature to put together at the same time.

  • Arthropleura
  • Quagga
  • Scutosaurus
  • Xiaosaurus

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I’m gonna say the next one will be Jaxartosaurus

You’ll have to wait and see

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If you want to draw any of my creatures that I did for my creature file for a pfp in the game, I’m 100% okay with that. Just credit if you are going to do it

The “novel” in “novel coronavirus” is latin meaning “new.” It’s doubtful any dinosaur had it despite its location on Pangaea with regards to current borders.
Yes I know you were making an attempt at a joke. It was just a bad attempt.


(10 ch)

We know thanks to some sources that scutosaurus is coming to the game, so let’s see if you can guess it’s stats and moves (and hybrid)

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Wait. It is? How did you know?

I thought those sources hinted more at a moschops tbh.


It’s impossible that the pyrogong is a legendary, the pirritator is already a legendary, so the pyrogong should be an unique

I’ll go change it

Aralosaurus because Ara sounds like Arabia.

Well, you’ll have to wait and see

Oh, okey

Apatosaurus but made in China would’ve been funny.

I’ll change it

I’m going to draw pyrogong

Go right ahead