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Apatosaurus, to L20 or leave at L10

I’m leveling all of my VIPs up to 20. (Well, L12 until they are all ready.)

However, Apatosaurus already has a longer cool down and nearly 2000 Health.

Do I leave them at L10? (I actually saw a screen shot where someone did this.)

Somewhere in between?

What does everyone think?

I will keep them at level 10. @Timmah


Keep them at lvl 10.


Depends, does it still get used at lvl 10? How many do you have? Do you have a lot of other and or better meat shields to where you don’t really like using them at lvl 10?

If it was me, if i had 4 lvl 10, i would lvl 20 1 and keep 2 at lvl 10. If i had 6 i would lvl 20 2 and keep 2 at lvl 10, something like that.

On my game i just made 6 Monostegotops, those in combination with my other herb meat shields has me not going to the 2 lvl 10 apato’s i have as much. I just have much better dino’s to use and never exhaust my bench in tournaments so i’d rather use better if i have it.

I’m gonna keep the 2 i have at lvl 10 more so for PvE, but again if i had 4, or maybe even 3 i would probably level a set up to 20.

In the end you can’t go wrong with either choice.


My dinos aren’t at the ferocity of yours, but when I get 4 of a VIP, I’ve been evolving 2 to level 11. Just like you though, I’ve left my Apatos at level 10 since their health is already so high. I imagine I would leave them there until my tougher dinos start getting much larger where I think my meat shields health needs to be higher. I don’t think I’m anywhere near that right now.

For me if I’ve got enough to make a level 20 VIP I do it.
If you’ve got a herbivore gap in your lineup where a level 10 Apatosaurus would be then I’m sure there is a legendary herbivore you can level up between level 30-40 to fill that gap.

The way my line up is set up…level 20 VIPs can run the whole show. They are THAT useful.

You can see here that I don’t keep duplicates at level 10. I fuse em right away.

I have 3 at 40 and 2 at 30. Only useful to me as a meat shield.

I barely use my level 10 Apato in PvE

Only in tournaments

1900 hp is enough for a health tank. Very few things can 1 hit it. Even if it does, have a good amphibian behind it.