Apex #9, Ankylos Lux

I decided to start working on Ankylos Lux after starting to go for Fukuimimus. Seeing I am at the point of starting to fuse the Turtle, I figured Ankylos would be more worth the effort at this time. Maybe they will have a Struthiomimus event to help with Fuku and then I’ll work on that one. For now getting the 9th Apex will be more worth while.

The downside is the constant FIP’ing on Stygimoloch. I have enough of all the rest of the DNA ingredients. Maybe in the next month or so we can get an event with Stygimoloch wink wink hint hint. This with at least one request of Stygi on Sundays and I should be able to get one fuse a week. Next month, I get Stygi in my zone so an occasional wild Stygi will help.

The Average DNA per fuse on the Bear ended up being 17.64 DNA so if it’s the same with Anky, I’m assuming this will take about 17 weeks without any wild Stygi’s or events. This is about the same amount of time it took to unlock the raid Apex’s.