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Apex And the arenas

So a lot of chat on the forums are about nerfing apex and a lot of retorts are ‘that are fine cause they are meant to be stronger and are end game dinos’. The problem I’m seeing is the amount of apex running around in Aviary and Library and I don,t mean fresh out of the box unboosted lvl 26 apex, I mean lvl 27-30 boosted apex. If these dinos are endgame why are so many players running around the lower arenas with them? More often then not these teams also consist of lvl 30 nitro Thors, Dracos, Tryko etc. I’ve been playing for a long time now and can remember forum chats citing that pre apex lvl 30 teams should be end game and not kicking around these two arenas. So… is the game in such a state that boosted high lvl teams with apex too don’t cut it any more. Are these players deliberately hanging around lower arenas, are they just not very good at PVP. The game has seen a lot of changes over the last few updates but it feels like the same Old problems are still the same old problems. What’s your thought Dino Nuts???

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Either they are droppers or bad at PvP.

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They’re not droppers or bad at PVP. My alt bounces around between 5100-5300 trophies, and pretty much everyone I battle has level 27-29 apexes (and many have full level 30 unique teams with lots of boosts as well). That’s just how the arena is now.

If you think about it, it makes sense. People at that level have the resources for a good tryos or tuora. Once you have that, unlocking and leveling all the good apexes is a breeze.

Don’t forget some people do drop because Ludia forces them to through achievements. I remember dropping right down to the very low arenas from 5000 to about 1200 to get my 50 (or whatever) common wins.

Once I did that i put on my full team and had fun riding back up to 5000+.

Ludia encourages arena dropping, whether intentionally or not.

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I don’t think they are dropper either but if what you are saying is correct then that suggests that endgame teams are spread over three or four arenas.

I think it’s rather rare. I haven’t had a single battle where someone was using commons only. Most people would do it in tournaments I’m guessing.

Apexes are just too easy to get, but with just 4 apexes and 4 low level uniques, you’ll never make it to Gyro.

I tried in tournaments but they never do a common only tournament, it’s always common and rare so it becomes very difficult and much quick to drop right down, smash out common wins and go back up.

Done it myself and know plenty that have too.

I don’t believe that there are a lot of people currently in the process of doing the 35 common achievement, especially since I never encountered any.
If you bump into a dropper, I doubt it’s because of this achievement.

They are, yes. The stuff my alt is fighting around 5100-5300 is pretty much the same as the stuff my main is fighting around 5800-6100, except the teams are usually not fully boosted.


I’m in Library and constantly ping between 5100-5400 with high level Apex’s and lvl 30 uniques, although I only have one dino that is max boosted and it’s not an Apex.

It’s nothing to do with dropping or not being good at PvP a lot of it is to do with the RNG aspect. Just yesterday there were so many games I would have won if not for the constant crits I received. So from my personal point of view having Library with lots of high level dinos and high boosted including Apex’s have nothing to do with arena dropping.

Aviary is different, I rarely ever drop down that far due to losing, but sometimes come close.


Level 30 teams unboosted in aviary/library is probably where it should be now. But if those are max boosted, they are droppers , bad at PvP or bad at team building (stupid boost distribution for instance).


My main account has one fully boosted apex and 3 other apex 27, 28 and 29 not fully boosted with 2 level 30 unique a 29 and a 28 unique. It sits between 5200 and 5400.

I have 2 alts both of which hover between 5000 and 5200 with much lower teams, less boosts etc…

To say there is a heavy concentration of players in the 4900 - 5500 bracket is a huge understatement and the new 20/40 system doesn’t do anything to help in this area.