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'Apex Anka' Recruiting (Tournament 8/9)

‘Apex Anka’ presents a great opportunity to join a committed Alliance that is really fun, friendly and helpful while achieving high rewards.

We have recently made room to strengthen our alliance with new dedicated recruits to join our alliance.

Benefits of Joining ‘Apex Anka’;

  • Tier 8/7 on weekly alliance mission.
  • Tier 8/9 on Tournament Championship.
  • Generous DNA Donations (Most Filled)
  • Organised Raids & Strategies

Eligible members;

  • Must Speak English
  • Active daily
  • Minimum of 10 takedowns in Tournaments.
  • Join Discord, (Required for better communication).
  • Help each other with DNA Donations

We are looking for Committed players seeking for a Helpful and Friendly community.

Contact on Discord to join:


Thank you all for your interest. We still have a couple more openings left. Be sure to add discord: Baybars#2896

We now have a full alliance 50/50. Thanks guys! plz feel free to join our discord channel. We can raid together and when we do have space you can join right in.