Apex bear on it's way out?

I noticed a lot of top players no longer run the apex bear, in favor of other (mostly newer) creatures. However the more common (ftp) players (like me) don’t even have it at a team level yet… is it still worth working on, or you also think it’s slowly on it’s way out already, and what is the main reason for this in your opinion? I’m curious about your guys thoughts about the bear.

Unfortunately the bear is only a monster when set up properly. If it isn’t set up well or has a bad matchup (which there are many of) it will struggle big time.


Idk this might change


Mortem’s buff really didn’t help it big time


Definitely worth working on
Still in the top 5 probably
Just not as OP as before


No, the top 5 are Imp, refre, boa, Alberto, then ankylos. If top players drop it then its not top 8.


Who carrs about what the top players use? Run the team YOU want to run. Run the team YOU can win with. Plus it works in raids.


Mainly because its hard counter (refre) got a bigger buff! :sweat_smile:

Yep, bear is being dropped, which would have been crazy to say 2 months ago!

Too many fierce moves with high damage across turn 1 and 2 compared to Vasilas which needs 2 turns to set up. Plus, almost everything meta has a priority attack that Vas just can’t deal with.

It’s kinda sad for those that have been working hard to build one only to see it falling away already.


Yup its on its way out. Quite fast actually which is unfortunate.

How is anyone surprised? This is Ludias strategy the other top tiers will eventually fall aswell, I mean just look at the sheer power of albertocevia and you know they will add things better then that which is terrifying


Vasilas is now on its way out
It’s going the way of MRhino, Testa, Spinocon, Trebax, Skoona, ASpinos, Mortem, IndoT, and SR3.
This would have sounded crazy a few months ago but I think it might actually need a buff


Powercreep has existed but was never this fast.


I mean that’s fair but you can thank cashcity, would not be surprised if Ludia has been told to make super op Dino’s

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Yeah I understand your frustration, right now is it safe to invest in any creature? Probably not. Too bad tho there is no way to know if they are profiting and to see if their business strategy is actually working.

yeha i use it and sometimes its great alot of the times no so yeha i class this as a slow roll dino as in dont work to hard and just do it slowly as you go concentrate on others

Honestly not really, I would say tourney Dino’s but even those get mad power creep I mean look at mammo

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Imo bear is still very powerful (it helped me to get into shores instead of staying in gyro for another half a year). It’s just newer powercreeps are just supermen and starting to take over the king’s place :frowning:

I gave up building my Arena team a long time ago. The changes are too many and too rapid to catch up unless you want to spend a tremendous amount of money on the game.

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I think it’s too early for that… if it’s falling behind, Ludia will probably buff it so more people create it, level it up, and boost it… THEN they’ll nerf it :laughing: