Apex bosses are locked

Hello. My friend is 17 level. We killed Apex bosses during last 5 weeks. This update has locked Apex bosses for her.
Please, remove these restrictions. Thanks!

“However, sone players may see that higher-level Raids will no be locked to them.” You have it in the screenshot.


Easy solution. Get to level 18.


I think they meant to say “creatures”, not “features”, but usually Ludia has a way of messing things up and this is a prime example. That’s why you gotta wait till launch day rather than assuming because usually many things tend to go south. But maybe I’m wrong and Ludia again, screwed up


They did that for a reason, carry strats


It’s just how the apex raids, has to be! (with some level limitation)
Ask your friend to put some work on to become level 18, and he can do apex raids with you once again.


Bold prediction: the vast majority of the players who were under level 18 and previously winning apex raids will choose the even easier solution :wave:

Maybe many level 20s too :man_shrugging:

Sorry to your friend but I’m glad players who were able to partake in apex raids aren’t able to anymore even if they played before this update, don’t want to see them continue to play raids and then unlock their apexes and ruin the lower arenas and also gain a advantage on very new players.

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They mean features like tournaments and multifusion

I put this part of the phrase on purpose. I read it as “If you haven’t killed this type of bosses, they will be locked for you”.

This is really annoying I’m 12 away from getting mortem and I’m level 17 so I guess I need to push to 18

Wo stand in den Ankündigungen das es nur noch zB für Apex ab level 18 zu spielen ist??
Ich finde das eine bodenlose Frechheit!!!

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"Translated from German

Where did the announcements say that it can only be played for example for Apex from level 18?
I think that’s a bottomless cheek!

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future."

Just have your friend play until level 18. So many low level players were unlocking the apex creatures because of carry strats. These restrictions were definitely needed, but should have been implemented since the start of the game.


No these restrictions do not and should not be removed, no one owes to carry you through apex raids, if you need that apex dna, work for it


it is not that easy, it probably will take millions of coins to get enough exp to level up.
Coins are hard to get

Depends at which point of the game you’re at. For example really low level players do use coins faster than they can get more but when you have most of your uniques, you usually always have a lot of coins. As for level 17, it should take about two or three month to be level 18 even if you’re not very active.

2 or 3 months is from level 1 to level 20.

That’s why I said “not very active” because in my case it took about 6-8 months to get from level 1 to level 20. But I know it can be much faster like you wrote.

I am already halfway to 18 by just multi fusing rare hybrids imao