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Apex breach in the aviary

Well idk if anyone else has seen this but I am in the high aviary - low library and I have seen a spike in the amount of apex’s I see and to add to this list gorgotrbax is now a creature I see just a regularly as a mortem.

This person also had hadros and ceramagnus.

About right. They’ll become more common as the weeks continue. I’ve got almost all of them myself. I’m on the aviary and library border.
Bex is pretty easy to work around. Lux and magnus are more difficult, but grypo and dio can put huge dents in them or take them put all together. Mortem is a 1 trick pony and Cleansing impact is pretty easy to bait


I have the hardest time taking down hadros. The others I deal with quite easily. But the lvls of them are going up.

Trebax, Cera, and Hadros? Just bad matchmaking. I’ve been in the aviary for 4-5 months now, but have only fough hadros twice and Mortem once, never in the same battle. Anyways, nice Allosino

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Oh, for hadros, I use Thor and then swap to DC

Grypo is you best bet for hadros. But it can still loose with crafty play from lux. (Trying to swap out to not take counter damage)

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Also dio and Mammolania do great against hadros

I’m at 4.9k trophies. Have been meeting all those Apexes consistently. L28 Mortem, L27 Hadros and bunch of Magnuses.

I have only L26 Hadros on my team. Not keen on the SIA strat (reason why I’ve left Magnus out of my team). My Mortem is still L26 unboosted.

When my opponent draws the Mortem, I know that I’ve lost the match; convincingly (furthermore when I did not draw my Spyx). I don’t have much issues about Hadros - quite okay to counter with shield and counter attacking creatures. But Mortem have so many moves that break shields.

Wow. Yea your very lucky. I see hadros the most out of the 4 (of course since it kicks my butt) but when I go on a losing streak it usually because I am “out boosted” or I face apex heave load outs. (Thx I love allosino, closes thing to a Giga)

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Yup. I lose most by battles because of “out boosting”

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minmi has an apex and hes still in aviary

I’ve been in avairy for about 4 ish months now, I think I’ve seen 4 mortems and 2 lux, like @Qiew said they’ll become a bit more common as the weeks pass and more ppl unlock em

The end of JWA is coming. Ludia made a terrible mistake allowing lower level players to participate in Apex raids and this is the outcome now. I’ve seen some level 11-15 players with Apex in their strike team. It will get even worse in the near future. I don’t think the game will attract any new players as they won’t be able to compete with teams full of Apex creatures.

@Ned Can you address this with Ludia? It’s so sad to see this happening.

Hey there, Zoom. I will bring the feedback/observation to our team to look at.