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Apex Counters to Work On

What are the best counters for each Apex, in your opinion?

Screenshot_20210407_170800 I have this to counter hadros, magnus,trebax and mortem if mortem is slower than lania
. also grypo is a good one to deal with magnus and hadros.Dio,gem can be Good options too.

I thought Dio was a good one. Thanks for the other ideas.

Dio and Grypolyth for Ceramagnus and Hadros, Smilonemys puts up a fight against all apexes, and Mammolania. Marsupial Lion will be a good one though lol

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For nemys, it’s a little RNG with dodge against Mortem, barely beats Magnus w/ stalls (and kills with R&R, loses to Lux cuz GEH, and beats Gorgo via SDS, PP, and the mind games (you want to kill with R&R)

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Basically, the same things (Erlidominus, Magnapyritor, Erlikospyx, etc.) that can counter Thor can counter Mortem. Just bear that Cleansing Impact in mind and plan around it.

Trykosaurus, Grypolyth, Diorajasaur, and Mammolania can all do reasonably well against Hadros and Ceramagnus in a 1 v 1.

Pretty much any Resilient or anything with a Nullifying ability can take on Gorgotrebex

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Mammolania beats all of them if faster, Dio is good against all except Mortem, Entelolania works against 3, only including Mortem if faster, Gemini beats Hadros and Mortem if faster, Grypolyth beats Magnus and Hadros, Smilonemys does well against them all and any decent endgame Cunning should beat Mortem (bear in mind it has Cleansing Impact) and any decent endgame Resilient should beat Trebax although Gemini and Maxima cut it close and may lose depending on boosts, and it also loses to Spyx.

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I think tryko is a pretty solid counter to hadros and gorgo and it can even kill mortem (if you switch it in and mortem is at low hp.) also if thor is quicker then magnus it can basically 2 shot.

Actually unless it’s higher level with more boosts Tryko always loses to Hadros, but it can certainly put up a fight. My Hadros has beaten higher level Trykos before without any boosts.

if thor is faster, magnus is going to acute stun, rampage then GA. thor does not win against magnus.

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It will usually because Instant Charge lands before GA, but as the Magnuses grow eventually Thor won’t be able to deal enough damage that way unless it gets lucky (like 16% of the time lucky).
Max damage Magnuses will even start killing Thors in one hit.

true but if you have a mortem and a magnus all it will take is a 4-5 k impact plus the magnus swap in to take down mamolania.

true but you would have to tank the damage from trebax so either high hp or armor. Shileds may work also just as long as you time it right.