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Apex Creature Suggestion Competition



Less than 24 hours left to vote!

Also an edit about the asking for more apex’s: Even if yours is already in the competition, you can still submit 2 more.


I like them, but I have one question about Omegalodevora: How is it an amphibian if gets crushed under its own weight on land, or does it peak on top of the water to breathe?

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Either it would get a new animation set to where it’s in a body of water and leaps out to attack, or it would simply ignore the description and act as a normal amphibian.


Voting is over! There were 10 votes:

Titanolex and Pteraultra got 0 votes
Thantiforos got 1 vote
Lathraia got 3 votes
Which means that Gorgotrebax is eliminated with 6 votes!

The next challenge was to make it across an obstacle course. The creatures that were safe are:

Pteraultra, Terrodon, Titanolex, and Thantiforos.

So Gagantitan, Lathraia, Eoprimus, and Kooladominicus are up for elimination!

  • Kooladominicus
  • Eoprimus
  • Gagantitan
  • Lathraia

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Vote for who you want to be eliminated, voting ends Saturday at 9:00 AM EST. Also, time to submit 2 apex’s ends Saturday too.

Where is that at?

Search it up, it’s a website.

Here: JWA Toolbox

I’ll get it done soon

I will be submitting 2 of mine as well, here they are:

Also 2 days left to vote and to submit 2 apex creatures.(apex hybrids are allowed)


Not sure if this one has been done this
Edit I have changed evasive stance for a new dodge move.


How bout my Quetzal Maximus?

It’s a different one since all of my old creatures got removed. I guess you could say they went extinct, AMIRITE???
( oh and btw the ingredients are the minions)


My custom creatures got removed… 3 times.

Are you still accepting requests? Then I may submit two of mine, maybe tomorrow?

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Yes I am until voting is over.

Here are my extra 2

Here’s the yutyranus

Also if you where wondering after seeing the Yutyranus I do play Ark


I love that idea

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Less than 24 hours left to vote! Also currently at Busch Gardens for the first time in over 10 years, and it’s awesome!

Edit: Voting is over! There were 11 votes. Lathraia and Eoprimus got 2 votes, Gagantitan got 3, and Kooladominicus is eliminated with 4!

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