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Apex Creature Suggestion Competition

For me, Lathraia obviously. One of, if not my favorite of my apexes. However, I do have some apexes I may like more. You’ll be seeing them if you decide to host another apex competition.

Here she is, lathraia the queen of raptors, hope it looks as expected


Wow! It looks awesome!

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Amazing! It’s very beautiful, well done!

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That is impressive feathering!

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Thank you! If you decide to illustrate your chosen creature I’m sure it’ll come out much better,especially if it has fur or feathers as I don’t think it’s my strongsuit


Looks super cool! Love it! :100:

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I’m not rushing you or anything or being impatient, but how is the progress with yours coming along?

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Slow but steady.

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You can take as long as you want, it doesn’t have to be perfect though, but I’m sure it’ll look great when finished! :+1:

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Hey, just asking if you can message me the progress so far, I just want to see how it coming along but not ruching rushing you

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I’m gonna be honest here, I’ve halted progress, as im feeling really lazy atm. Also because to keep motivation I usually stop one drawing than hope to another, than once I finish it I go back to the drawing I was on before.

How close do you think you are to finish? Cause if you aren’t close to finishing I will do other challenges until you are ready so I don’t rush you.

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I got the head done.

The drawing is still under construction, so while we wait, the competition will still go on, staring with a collecting challenge! Here are the rules: There are apples scattered all around the place, green and red. Red apples = 1 point, and green apples = 2 points. However, some of the apples have worms in them. If you bring me an apple with a worm in it, you lose 1 point, 2 if it’s in a green. The team with the most points wins, and start!

“3 imaginary hours later”

And time is up! Let’s see the results

Team Lux:
Green: 43
They had 4 greens with worms and 10 red with worms

So Team Lux has 124 points, let’s see how team Magnus is doing

They had 5 in green, 6 in red, with total of 140 points, so Team Magnus wins!

Elimination: Team Lux
  • Refrenantem
  • Lathraia
  • Gustavosuchus
  • Gagantitan
  • Titanolex
  • Maximaraptor
  • Eoprimus
  • Stegobehemoth
  • Megatelodon

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Vote for who you want to be eliminated, whoever gets the most votes will be eliminated. Voting ends Friday at 11:00 AM EST.

(BTW, the drawing challenge will still happen when @Dimodactylus is done, this is just taking place while he is working so I don’t rush him.)

Just want to say something if this happens again, if I forget a creature in a poll, please tell me, and the poll will be deleted, but don’t worry, it will be back, but you have to vote for the same creature you voted for, so things don’t change in the voting.

Only 1 day left to vote!

Time is almost up. There are almost 12 hours left to cast a vote for who you want to be eliminated.