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Apex creatures no longer “apex”

Apex creatures should theoretically be the strongest in the game. The previous nerfs to hadros, cera, and now mortem have completely ruined them for me. How is it that a somewhat comparable unique (mrhino) is WAY better than the apex (cera)? I’m extremely disappointed considering the time, effort, and $$ I’ve invested in building these creatures.

Interested to see if others feel the same way…


One answer. Power creep. I hope they will rename apex to something more appropriate now, like mesopredator.


Just throwing this out there as a reminder on how strong apexes should be…


My hope is that by the time I finally get some of these, they are beefed back up to their original stature.

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Was just about to make a topic similar to this.

Ludia has done the apex class dirty.


Super dirty. It’s a shame. Hoping they recognize and fix it.


Ludia doesn’t look to the future, only the present. Raids were a splendid idea for those of us who partake. Smart people figured out how to take advantage making carry strats for the lower level players in their alliances. People who do not have time, inclination or desire to raid were quickly left behind.

Ludia probably saw a drop in revenue from their bread and butter, the lower level players and had to fix the problem.

The high middle tier players who don’t spend money but took advantage of the raid meta started absolutely crushing the little guys who then flocked to the forums to complain about not being able to win or quit opening the app. Can’t have those things if you want a game to continue to draw new players who pay to play. It’s just not good business and even tho it sucks I can’t really blame them. :man_shrugging:


Don’t worry guys just spend money you’ll get there!!

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They did kinda work on fixing the problem a different way though since now you have to be level 18 to even participate in apex raids. Could’ve even gone as far as level 20 rather than completely nerfing their highest class creatures. :roll_eyes:

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We get bamboozled in this game constantly. It’s nothing new, but by now, we should all expect the super strong creatures that we level up to 30 and max boost, to be nerfed after playing only a couple games with them. That’s been the routine we’ve all been living for a while, but it wouldn’t be so aggravating if they gave us proper time to reset our boosts after throttling them. C’mon Lydia :roll_eyes:

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Nerfing the Apexes actually was the right thing to do. They have been so strong that some players have stopped to play the “real” JWA. Why going out to grind if you can just sit on your couch and do some easy raids once a week?

Also does this not bring any revenue to Ludia.

With the apexes being nerfed the game actually COULD be really balanced now. But unfortunately Ludia decided to make most of the creatures they release or buff much stronger than the old creatures. Now just everyone is forced to run Testa, Skoona, Pho, IndoT and SR3…

But at that point it is getting really obvious that Ludia is doing this on purpose. They are not just bad at balancing. We can be sure that most of the above mentioned creatures will be nerfed as soon as enough players have them at 30/30 :slight_smile:


I totally agree about the Apex’s power level and I wasn’t the biggest fan of them in the grand scheme of things, but the thing that gets me is that I have 60-70 boosts caught up in my apexes and I want to start running a different team. RESET THE BOOSTS ALREADY. We are owed it plain and simple

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I never like the idea of apexs.
Little effort to get the absolut best endgame stuff? A smack to the face for any long time dinohunter.

I hope they nerf all other apexs aswell. So non is usable in Shores.


Apexes may seem easy to get when you have the strategy’s and everyone knows what moves to make. It’s just they take 15 weeks to get which is about 4 months if you do every one every week without fail or missing a day with one here or there. These should be decent, a little stronger than Unique’s. Most new players don’t even play this long.

Apex’s are the only creatures I don’t have yet and I’m working on the 3rd & 4th week of doing these. This daily raiding is already getting quite monotonous as they are not in range most days. 12 more weeks strait if I can keep this raiding up but with winter coming, it could be spring before I get them all.


You are right , there are more unique creatures are better than Apex . moreover Mortem is no longer useful , Monolopo Rhino is also better than Cera , Lux is also very easy to beat . My Apex Creature useless now.

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The Apexes are fine now, they’re strong enough.

Anyway, I don’t see the point in why it’s a problem for so many people that Ludia has balanced Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus. They are one of the easiest raids (easier than unique ones!), they are easier to obtain than plenty of exclusive dinos.

They may call them ‘Apex’, but not that’s the point. (Just as ‘uniques’ aren’t unique either.)
The whole game would lose its meaning if these few dinos killed EVERYTHING else, there would be no point in playing and collecting DNA.

Thank you, but I’m not asking back the nightmare that was mainly caused by Ceramagnus and Hadros Lux. Both are strong to this day, as are the other Apexes.


The thing is that they were sold to us as bigger and better than uniques:

Think about it, rares start 5 levels higher commons, epics to rares, all the way up and (in general) each rarity is supposed to be better that those below it. So, to say that a class that starts 5 levels above unique SHOULD (again in general) be better.

Now I completely acknowledge that Apex’s were too strong when most of them hit the scene, but based on what top teams are running nowadays, they are all pretty sub par. But to completely negate over a years worth of teamwork and time (and money) spent in game - it’s classic bait and switch yet again by Ludia.

You’d think a mobile game company would want more people spending more time in game, but ever since they started nerfing Apexs, less and less people even bother to raid anymore. I used to spend around 3 hours a night helping people raid, and now it’s less than 1. (And everyone is level 20 so it’s not the recent cap) There’s just no point in investing the time and resources in a sub-optimal class of dinos.

Yes, they needed to be toned down a bit but IMO they could have just tweaked the stats a bit instead of completely changing movesets and stripping the rarity of all viability.

EDIT: Exception is Morty’s cleansing impact, that definitely had to go.


Anyone else notice that there is not even one single Apex Dino in any of the current Top 13 players’ PVP lineups?

Ludia nerfed them into extinction. So why are we wasting so much time on Apex raids???


I kind of understand that apex being too strong is not necessarily a good thing.

But to nerf them as they have done and produce genuine counters too is just too much when we don’t get a boost shuffle.

We were 100% told they would be the best creatures in the game so obviously piled boosts into them.

That’s what annoys me more than anything else.