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Apex creatures no longer “apex”

Can’t agree more. And for those who played every week to get apex DNA feel way too bad to have spent so much time into it.
Mortem is awful and totally bugged (cleanse vulnerability but immune to it ?!) and can’t be counter too many way
Hadros and cera got nerfed dmg health crit chance and more this is non sense.
Monolorhino is better than cera.
Gorgo suffer to be that slow. Come on it’s about 15 speed less than testa who is a tank. This is non sense.

The other ones I don’t know but I don’t feel they are good. Refre seems bad, eagle looks cool but phoru appears to be much better.
And hydra seems to be overpassed by spino

So …. Yes apexes are lost in forgotten valley … like old uniques (ardentis, tryko, grypo, smilo and more)


@Vulcain - Don’t forget Mortem still hasn’t even got the kit it’s supposed to have.

Roar should buff the next two attacks lasting two turns, it clearly says so. And still it only buffs one attack.

The fact that this seems to be acceptable is beyond me and I don’t know how or why Ludia don’t see it as a priority.


It’s not a priority because after a year the data they analyse show there is no money to make with apex creatures. Simples.

That’s completely crazy I believe they are perfectly fine all are balanced and easy to work around and honestly I know that at least half of the people who play would quit because they are widely used by everyone in the arena I’m in and by everyone in my alliance so if they made them completely useless after you get to a certain point after people spend hours on them they’re not unstoppable even before the nerf they were beatable so I think you’re just trying to make it where people like me who it took months to get them after starting a year after I started playing to get them to just quit playing and I honestly would if they made all the apexes weaker after they are perfectly balanced I would quit playing and a lot of people would to

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Nantem is actually really good depending on how you use him if you ask me it’s monolometradon and magna that needs to be nerfed how does a lvl23 half boosted monolometradon or magna beat a lvl 26 fully boosted nantem cera and lux without breaking a sweat

I dun think Magna beats Hadros. Mortem definitely. Cera depends on how you play.

Lmao you do understand that those two are destroyed by cera and lux. On top of that they aren’t in the meta by any mean and the only thing that doesn’t make them useless is that they are a ok option against Scorpios Rex gen 3

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Little effort? 12 months of Gorgo raids to get it to 30 is not little effort. I built a superior 30 cunning in SR3 in less than 2 months.

There’s effort both ways.


Not sure scorpius rex gen 3 is superior to gorgotrebax, but it is definitely easier and faster to get to level 30!

I dont consider “press buttons in a specific order for 5 minutes, 1 time a week” an effort.
You have to do a lot of darting, requesting, strike towers, alliance missions and tourneys if you want to get a unique lvl 30 fast.
At least we get fusable apexes now. So im a bit more positiv on the apex side now.
Still couldnt care less about all the raid apexes. Maybe Snake will be fun after reaching lvl 30.

Well, I can do that but I won’t not getting any Apex DNAs.


200 legendary DNAs + 50 unique DNAs for a fuse? Well, I hope you stay positive.


I wish Apex raids were that short lol. In all seriousness though, Apex raids are not just 5 minutes and pressing buttons. In order to get the raid, you have to set it up, and that can take who knows how long. First you’ve got to find a willing team, make sure they’re strong enough, make sure there are no interruptions, make sure the strat works, begin the raid, follow the strat perfectly, unless you might fail, continue on, and if lucky, you beat the raid. Fail proof and fast strats are nice, but sometimes, there’s misclicks, people timing out, interruptions, internet issues, rng, long boss animations, reattempts, and counter attacks all make raids longer and much more difficult. Most Apex Raid strats are usually longer than 5 minutes, verging 20 or 25 minutes or so usually, maybe 15 if all goes well and quick. But sometimes it can take hours setting up and reattempting because of stupid things like rng and such. If people have to deal with these kinds of things when they try an Apex raid, and with the reward being pretty miniscule, only about 15-30 DNA per raid, I’d say the dino needs to be pretty good. What I’m saying is that Apexes should be good with all the hassle that comes with doing raids constantly.

Don’t you think it’d be a bigger slap to the face if Ludia made the continuous grinding, raiding, and effort of thousands of players trying to get an Apex maxed instantly irrelevant? I dunno, bout’ you, but making all that hard work worthless seems to be a bigger offense to the community than just introducing a new Rarity that has been STATED BY LUDIA to be stronger than Uniques, and all other Rarities.


I was so lucky this morning with Mortem Rex who was in range this week. Unlike last week where I had to put on a coat and gloves, go for a walk to grab it, it took 6 tries because Mortem kept critting the first two turns of round 1, This morning, Mortem was in range. It only crit the 1st turn of round 2 and I was still able to pull it off on the first try. So yes, on occasion, because I control 4 accounts by myself, I can do the press 4 buttons in a specific order for 5 minutes and be done.

The problem is these apex’s are going to be taking me 4 months to get, IF and that IF I can do these every day of the week without fail. I’m keeping track and 50% of the time, they are out of range and I have to walk up to 3/4 mile round trip to get them and bring the raid home. On 2 occasions now, the raid creature isn’t even on my map and I have to go out looking for it. Either I take the chance and start walking in a direction or get in the car and find in.

For all this pain, the apex’s should be strong and worth all this daily pain. Some of these strategies, the ones I can do, can be hit and miss depending on what the minions do so I can be doing these over and over 3 or 4 times before beating them.

I spent the entire day Monday getting an 8 turn strategy to work on Gorgotrebax to replace the 16 turn strategy I was doing the 1st 4 weeks. I have at least 10 more weeks before I can even unlock this one and I will be doing this through winter. Hoping Ceramagnus is in range for easy grabs, I am looking to try a few 6 turn strategies to replace the 12 turn strategy I am doing now. This is getting monotonous and I’m only in the 5th and 6th week of doing all these. 10 more to go at least unless the Ludia dungeon masters are nice and give me more 25’s and less 15’s.

Lucky me that I don’t have to deal with discord and finding people who have the right creatures with right stats who all have the right strategy, 7 days a week. I have a guildie with a lighting Thor that doesn’t work with any of my strategies because it’s too fast.


Or regarding lobbies just scrap the entire raid bosses roam the map and just add a raid tab in the battle menu like the suggestions of a ton of other people for almost a year now
I know some people like a giant mortem roaming the map but consider this raids as claimed by ludia are suppposed to be a “home activity” which is not the case if youre required to go and walk either a short distance or carpool to a single lobby that can be lost with things like the match timing out
Remove bosses from the map and more people will be encouraged to go out for those extra spawn points dedicated to short ranges nests and drops
Remove bosses roaming and you wont get annoyed trying to press things in range of carno and posti

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I’m and i hope we will get a lot more of them.

I still think it is no effort compered to leveling up a unique and it is even cheaper in terms of coins.

You are 100% right with this. But only because it is boring and time gating, doesnt mean it should be as broken as lux and cera were befor patch 2.10? 2.11? Sorry canr remember.

Ok my 5 minutes statment was wrong. I can accept that. I know not everybody got a Top alliance and looking for randoms can take some time, but dont compare the time to get ALL 7 apexes to getting only 1 unique.

Maybe im a bit to NoApex/ProFuse.

It just feels strange. Sitting at home while cooking or cleaning or even whatching a movie and doing raids (which is for me no effort) to get the strongest stuff in JWA.
Maybe im playing the grindfest to long. Im playing since month one and i had a lot of fun going out looking around for the dinos i need.
Then we got strike towers and weekly events. I still need to go outsite and look for the best stuff and places, but then we got raids.
Raids are cool and i like that we need to play as team to get dna. But as you all said, doing it over and over again is a chore and boring. For uniques and stuff it is fine. Getting 40 phororex, indo or andrew a week is nice to speed up the grind.

But apexes… i dont… i cant warm up my hard for them.
I have the first 4 ready to reach 30, Ref is on its way, only haast and boa are 26 and idk if i keep farming them. Just in case someone was wondering were im with all the rant against apexes.

Tl/dr: My heart stands with all our uniques we had to travell hundreds of kms and hours over hours to get them arena ready


They tend to feel a little more like welfare epics to me (wow term).