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Apex Crocodile!

the alpha is now gold-backed


Now see… this is crazy! How can the rules say no references to… well, I don’t even know if I can say the word, but then you have… that name… for this creature. Technically that name is not allowed to be said on these forums. And no moderators I’m not joking around. I am more confused than I’ve ever been now. As soon as I saw the name I just threw my hands up. Can someone explain the difference?

Let’s be serious about this. This is a literal reference and you can look it up for yourself.

Unless… if this fan made or real?

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what do you mean? Is a forbiden name? I need change it?

I literally am afraid to say even what the reference is, but yes given the way things work around here this falls under a category you can’t speak about here.

Did you make this? It’s just the name itself, nothing else.

Oh… Hahah yes i Made This, But i Guess that i’ll change all… I don’t knew that…

I personally have no issue with it. I like open expression, but I figured I’d say something and ask questions.

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I don’t want bann hahaha :frowning:

I catch your drift lol