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Apex DNA Clarification

@Ned since you closed the previous thread, how is it possible that 2 members of the same alliance already have all Apex creatures?

As pointed out in the other thread, the odds of getting 30 dna for 10 straight weeks is 1/9,000,000. And that’s 2 players from same alliance somehow scoring those odds.

Can you clarify if dna is only 15-30 for Apex?


One player suggested that the odds of getting a 30 are lower than one in 5 I ran the math on one in ten and it came out to be one in ten billion…

So ridiculous…I suggest we keep this top of forum until we get answers to what’s going on. This is one reason I stopped paying money for this game. Ludia does nothing about cheaters…


Hey there, MHSzymczyk! It wasn’t I who had closed the previous thread. :sweat_smile:

Regarding your question, I believe that the starting DNA for a higher level player is 15 going up to 30. :thinking:

However, if there are any concerns about another player, please don’t hesitate to email our support team at, and our team can investigate further.

Thank you!


@Ned while you are here what are the odds of getting a 30? Or is that information unavailable to you?

Sadly, I don’t have that information either. :frowning: @IronCaptain

While we are here, why is being skeptical about this considering the mathematical odds terms for shutting a thread down? It appears that these threads cater to certain players… And can I have a real answer before I’m just banned for a week without any way to discuss the actual reasoning with a moderator?


There are 3 possible theories as to how they got gorgotrebax so fast.

  1. They just got insanely lucky with that 1 in 9 million chance lol.
  2. Considering you could get 40 DNA and rumors of up to 100 DNA in the first week in Gorgotrebax, they could of been some of the very lucky people who did it.
  3. This is the worst option, they did a glitch, which I will not specify because you’ll be banned for it, but they basically got double the DNA each week, meaning there were 4 players who did the raid double, you can’t beat Trebax with 2 people. There must be 4 other Trebax’s out there if this is the case, otherwise these 2 are just best raid buddies and always do the raids together. (But let’s hope this is not the case :smiley: )
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They said name and shame for the close reason, seeing as @Qiew accidentally highlighted their alliance and position.

However, I don’t think we can call hacks or anything unless we got proof. In anything like this tied to RNG, any outcome is mathematically possible, no matter the odds, and no matter the player

it ended up a name and shame because people took it that way.
i was originally congratulating someone on getting all 4 apexes. only becoming sus when someone else pointed out there were 2.

I really don’t see how it’s shaming from what you posted. If they didn’t cheat, they or Ludia could explain how it’s possible they were able to get it so fast. Not the community or other players fault for being skeptical…

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Perfect RNG, totally possible even if it looks insane

Geez they should of put that luck into winning the lottery lol

About this DNA
In our team, once received an invitation,
Get DNA twice a week
Example: Once on Monday (own country)
Once on Wednesday (invited by someone)

But theoretically, the difference between BOSS in different countries will not be 24H (one day)

Such a bug causes the DNA obtained by the BOSS to be *2 times

Please pay attention to such major bugs and count them.

I don’t think this is correct as I have done multiple Apex raids both night and day.

As an example. I’m in California and we have Australian members who will get raids early. So on Sunday, I’ll be invited to a Gbax raid for initial dna. Then on Monday (when Gbax is available on my map for me), I’ll help other alliance members do the raid and there’s no additional dna given out. This is same process every week and for every Apex raid I’ve done.


It’s also theoretically possible we can one day fly to Jupiter…but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

For two team members from same alliance to have all Apex creatures despise the 1/9,000,000,000 chance of it happening might be possible…but it’s more possible and greater than 99.999999999% chance they cheated. One member even has 0 trophies which is given out for known cheaters.


It’s the boss from the previous day.
Can’t be two days ago

Duplicate DNA collection is also certain, right in our team

That’s what I just explained to you. I’ll usually do about 5-6 raids of the same Apex boss to help our alliance. The first time is usually when someone has the raid the day before I do. I’ll get dna for that. But I also then help alliance members with the additional same apex raids both day before and day when I have apex raid and there’s no additional dna given out.


Ludia should simply do a database comparison every Saturdays. If someone has accumulated more than 30 apex DNA on a creature in a week, it could be a bug. If it is every week, it’s a cheater. Get the account suspended and deleted if the player can’t prove there was a bug every week… Can we get an urgent answer for that? Some players are spending real money on this game and cheaters can’t be allowed. @Ned please urgently request a feedback.


I have suspicions on a third player raiding with the discussed crew and some screenshots where the numbers don’t add up. And can provide said screenshots on request.