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Apex DNA distribution is infuriating

I have never missed a Cera raid… yet I am about 3 weeks behind people in my alliance. All because I “randomly” keep getting 15. Everything in this darn game is random, I’m getting sick and tired of it. I do just as much work as anyone else, setting up raids, participating, helping others, yet I am behind in Cera because I just got unlucky. GRR I am so frustrated. So fed up with getting stupid 15 DNA.


Same but with gorgo. at 250/300

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Jepp same here for gorgo aswell 245…
Got lucky with cera too so i cant complain.
But you are right, some people got trebax weeks ago or have it already level 27 and i cant even creat her …

Yep. I mean, I’m not infuriated, but it is annoying that I was two weeks behind a bunch of my friends in unlocking cera despite never missing a week (and in fact helping multiple other groups through cera raids every week, so probably doing more cera raids than the average player). Some of my friends are getting close to level 27 cera now and I’m probably a month away from that.

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Oh I was infuriated to get ceramagnus 3 weeks after people in my alliance that did the raid the exact same amount I did. And again with gorgo, I am behind the same people in dna because I keep getting 15 and they’re getting 25 and 30. It’s so maddening.

My Apex DNA levels have decresed. Used to average 20s and 25s, now down to 15s.

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Same thing. I cut down on raids after being screwed by the lottery system. The system just doesn’t reward grinding or helping other people.

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Me too, I got 2 25s and a 20 for the first few cera raids, and it’s now been nothing but 15s. I’m up to 115/300, but this is gonna take FOREVER at this rate…

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Lol I’m at 105 dna after a month. I’m at 190 hadros, and 113 Mortem

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This is the same scenario as Mortem for me. Although I only started doing raids since joining my current alliance, I have since created Hadros and Cera yet with Mortem I always seem to get 15 DNA and haven’t created it yet lol. I joined the alliance before Cera raid was even available and honestly you’re lucky if I’ve missed 1 raid of each apex in that time

mortem pulls like glue…15 / 15/15 …