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Apex DNA incubator

I don’t understand how people who have been playing this game know that now after the update, the apex dna incubator only gives 15-30 DNA. are you serious? That’s 10-20 weeks of farming this apex boss. What kind of a joke. We beat hadros lux so easily and we gotta wait 10-20 weeks to even get on on our team. And don’t even get me started on weekly incubators. This game has become a joke. Treasure chest that give 500 coins… maybe they are appealing to new players cause they know older players want to leave because of this horrible content? I’ll make sure I use my 500 coins to level up my level 25 ardentixmaxima. Thank you ludia.


Actually, its quite easy to win the hadros lux raid. I was winning myself until I lost power and din’t recieve the rewards.

That has nothing to do with what I said. I beat hadros lux raid too, it is super easy.