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Apex fix proposal

It’s too late to have them unlock at a level lower than 26.
It’s too late to set level restrictions on who can participate in unlocking them.

It’s not too late to tone down how oppressive the original 3 releases are for the sake of the stability of the game.

Here’s what I think would be some fair adjustments.

Mortem Rex


  • Speed becomes 106 from 108
  • Cleansing Impact becomes Definite Impact

Mortem is less oppressive towards Cunnings, but remains a decimator of Resilients and Fierce alike as it should be. Sorry dodgers, but distraction is far more prevalent and dependable anyway.

Hadros Lux


  • Health becomes 4900 from 5100
  • Greater Emergency Heal becomes Emergency Heal
  • Medium Resilient Counter-Attack becomes Medium Counter attack

Hadros is still a chonk wall of force this way, but not to a ridiculous degree. Same play style without the overkill.


  • Attack becomes 1400 from 1500
  • Speed becomes 118 from 114
  • Critical Chance becomes 10% from 20%
  • Armor becomes 25% from 30%
  • Group Acceleration becomes Instant Minimal Speedup Strike (Priority. Increase Speed by 10% for 3 turns. Attack 1x)

Still retains some abilities it shouldn’t have like being able to swap and then priority but no chance of it becoming the fastest thing in the game unboosted.

Thoughts or tweaks?

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I like all of these in general, though none are what I had in mind personally.

Mortem: I like the idea of it losing cleansing impact, that’s definitely the biggest problem with it. My idea for Mortem is to switch cleansing impact for Ready to Crush or Group Takedown, and to switch fierce impact for group shattering impact (since Thor lost it). These changes give it excellent raid utility while making Mortem less oppressive against cunnings. RTC hopefully wouldn’t be a problem in PVP because you need to sacrifice damage for an entire turn to use it.

Hadros: Definitely better than it is now, but I would give it less damage instead of less healing. Losing the counter entirely may be nice, but I’m not sure it’s the worst thing about it. Having less healing definitely balances how much damage it does though.

Magnus: definitely better. Having less attack is very useful, and reducing the degree of speedup helps too. I’m not sure if it’ll be enough, but it’s an improvement.


What about Emergency Group Heal for Hadros? :thinking:


Giving it an instant group heal would be a good best of both worlds (even though I still think the “emergency” part is redundant; how can a group attack have a specific emergency target? Just call it instant group heal Ludia!)


I would leave armor of Cera as it is now and remove its decel immunity.
Because decel immunity on that and not on trebax doesnt make sense.

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Mrex and Lux could be fine like this. However, it feels like Magnus still would be too strong with it.
Either reduce the attack even more or change something on the swap-in move. It still would be 150 more attack than Mrhino combined with a better moveset.

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Reduced it’s health from 4500 to 4200 just like Trykosaurus,
Traded 50% Deceleration resistance for 50% Distraction resistance
Reduce Critical chance to 5%

Reduced it’s damage to 1300
Swapped Greater Emergency heal for EMERGENCY GROUP HEAL

Increased it’s health by 300
Swapped Fierce Impact for GROUP SHATTERING IMPACT
Swapped Cleansing Impact for PRIMAL BRACE

I think this version of mortem is balanced because, if player wants to cleanse distraction he has to sacrifice some damage by using it’s basic move…by increasing it’s health it can survive incoming high damage from resilients…


Why on earth does anyone want mortem to have a definite impact? Cunnings are meant to counter it, and several cunnings dodge. The thing does not need any moves that directly counter its direct counters.

I like Mudkipz’s idea.


You’re not wrong! Picked it for what I thought would bring less pushback from the community

My problem with Magnus is the fact that it has a priority move. There’s no reason for anything other than a cunning to have a priority attack, Tuora being the exception, since she’s more geared towards raids.

When Magnus swaps in, she can stun, and then go on to use her priority move - that’s a potential 3-5x damage outta nowhere before you even get a move in (your opponent’s attack 1-3x (if Devastation), Magnus swap in for 1x, stun, priority attack 1x). Then you’re left with that bulky monster, who has a 2x precise rampage waiting for the next dino.

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On grounds that Mortem has to retain a cleanse, what about changing Mortem Rex’s Cleansing Impact to Fierce Impact and have Fierce Rampage become Cleansing Rampage (delay 1 cooldown 2)?

Problem is this would hurt mortem’s PvP viability. Sacrificing a turn of damage is a no-go. Thor would then have a far superior kit.

It could still go impact → rampage → impact → rampage etc., so it would still be better (because GSR has a two turn cooldown) and technically you wouldn’t ever have to sacrifice a turn of damage. But you’re right that I don’t see it being used in PVP besides very specific circumstances (like baiting out an instant distraction), so it would mostly just be an interesting raid tool, though it shouldn’t hurt its pvp viability beyond losing cleansing impact (which many of us seem to want anyway).

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Mortem is fine as is. No issues with it.

Hadros, I have yet to unlock (next week fingers crossed), so I can’t comment.

Ceramagnus, unboosted at least, I find a little underwhelming as she currently stands but I haven’t used her outside of strike towers.


From Project J Reworks:

Roar (A changed move that now has a chance of dot and vuln)
Critical Impact

Damage to 1200
Superiority Strike
Greater Emergency Group Heal
Superiority Rampage
Med Resilient Counter (In my version it applies vuln over decel)

Loses SISS for Swap In Stun
Group Acell To Distracting Impact
Greater Stunning Strike over Acute Stun