Apex fuses for the alive

leave ideas for future fuse apex in the game

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I hope that we don’t get any more fuseable Apexes. Arctovasilas is cool and all, and Mega Hybrids fusing for Apexes is an interesting concept, but they demand WAY too much grinding and fusing for most players. The only ones who can and are willing to unlock and level these Apex Megahybrids are those who spend hundreds on this game. Maybe Unique Megahybrids are fine, as long as they aren’t too grindy, but no more Apex Mega Hybrids. One is enough.

Unless we don’t get more raids on the same day new apexes will probably be fuseable. However yeah i would like that concept being for uniques too. Would love to see some fusions of stegodeus or Thylacotator