Apex get Nerf? Agree or disagree

Ever since we have introduced with Apex Raid last year, we are struggling so hard get it and put it in our line up even it’s just lvl 26. Yes. Because it’s Apex!! Means the strongest among other Hybrids. King and Queen of all dino. And yet 2.9 and 2.10 showing us that Apexes are not exception from nerfing. All our sweating times for months just to get it Nerf at the end.
Some player complaint that Apex is too powerful. Well, it’s should be like that. That’s not a common dino that we facing at.
But this is just my thoughts. Maybe some of us have different thought.


Personally I think Apex creatures were fine. The only thing needed really was for them to have an inbuilt block so that they couldn’t be played below Aviary. Let Alliances help/carry players get their Apex but they have to work their way up to the point where they can use them first. That’s my thoughts.


It wouldn’t exactly be a problem if it was actually endgame. The real reason so many people want nerfs is because you can get them as soon as you get a decent level unique. If each raid required lvl 30 uniques it would make sense to be so powerful. There are so many creatures that aren’t used. Apexs are a small percentage of all the creatures. If apexs were an endgame objective and non-meta creatures were viable nobody would have a problem as long as they match each other in strength.


I agree with the nerf

I think Unique should be endgame and above Apex since Unique are a combination of multiple creatures unlike Apex who are a single creature

You can only get an Apex from raids meanwhile to make an Unique you might need a common you deemed irrelevant till that point

So what I am trying to say is that Unique creatures truly make you see the game as an whole

Just for Indoraptor you need Indominus rex , which itself is a combination of T Rex and Velociraptor , and another set of Velociraptor, but the good part is that it can be found everywhere all of the time

How is doing many raids of a single creature end game content, versus going over entire game to have an Unique

So , in my opinion nerfing Apex creatures is a good thing for the long-term aspect of the game


I agree. This point has definitely been brought up a lot, but it’s really important. To me, Apexes really tainted the game. Now someone with a low level Trystronix with a couple boosts can have access to the most powerful creatures in the game. Really? That’s all it takes now? …Yes. That’s all it takes. In my opinion, Apexes were a huge miscalculation. I have them and use them on my team, but i’d be completely fine if they all disappeared and we went back to a game in which uniques were the pinnacle…It’s not like they were running out of ideas/options. I’m going to stop typing because there are just too many cons to apexes.


You’re forgetting the time though…

How long does it take to get a Unique level 30: One day for many players.
How long does it take to get an Apex level 30: One year for most players.

I’m already facing Phorurex level 30 a lot and it came out only a few days ago!!! Guess how many Haast Maximus, Hydra Boa or Refrenantem I’ve faced so far??? NONE


Well the thing is, if youre a new player, its much easier to get Apexes rather than Uniques. If you can find a raid server, Mortem can be done with a level 10 Lion. Hadros and Cera, just a Tryo, maybe a couple levels higher, or even an Irritator at a decent level, around 15-17. Gorgo and Hydra will need slightly higher creatures, but Skoola 20 is fairly easy, and plus it leads to one of the best uniques. Haast and Ref you can do with a level 15 Anky. You can start working on Apexes way faster than you can start on Uniques. And the reason stuff like Phorurex and SR3 are level 30 so fast is because all the older players have thousands of the dna need stockpiled simply because they just been around for that long. You wont see a new player with that unless they buy a bunch of incubators. So while time can be important, you need to focus on the time and when you can start getting each. Because while it may be a year to get an Apex, youll be able to get it much sooner than any unique, and they start at level 26, which would take even longer for those uniques.


Whenever lux got nerfed it got stronger. I mean first he got vulnerability and now he has Deceleration back

The nerf to Apexs was great, I never thought Habros was too far past OP, just a smidgen, and this reduces its damage but gives it some strategy improvements. Cera was a joke and had to be taken down a peg, I’m still not convinced the nerf was quite enough. People keep making false arguments, “what about the time” well what about the years spent bringing uniques along. The players getting uniques in a day spent a long time acquiring the money and DNA it took and no, I’m sorry, but simply because they’re called Apex does not automatically equal they should be leagues above everything else. This has been a pretty good update overall


At the current state of the game what your saying is correct. However I think Ludia meant for apexs to be endgame. I could be wrong but I believe they were meant to be the result of a lot of time and max or near max level uniques. The problem is currently you don’t need extremely powerful creatures to complete the raid, just a lot of time.

I’ve seen Thor being made in way less than a year by new players, and it’s pretty much better than Mortem… If somebody is willing to do Apex raids every weeks for a year, they likely have the same commitment for Uniques. But let say you’re not committed, the beauty of Apex is that anybody can get them, so it’s even out. You cannot buy them like Uniques (via stuff in the store), you cannot use interactions on them, basically everybody has to work for them equally.


Everything leads to say Ludia intended for apex creatures to be stronger than unique creatures like it is with unique and legendary, legendary and epic, etc… First, it starts at level 26 unlike unique creatures. Then in case of a speed tie, apex creatures have priority over unique creatures. The magnitude has to be spot on though. Before 2.9, ceramagnus and hadros lux were probably too strong. But now, testacornibus and skoonasaurus are way stronger than apex creatures (probably because it’s better for Ludia’s bottom line…).


Exactly, I think Ludia intended to make these apex creatures available to as many players as possible to help progression of newer players and ensure that more players reach higher arenas as the whales need players to battle with as many veterans are starting the quit the game.


I can only imagine all the comments if it was otherwise… “You absolutely need level 30 Uniques to do raids, not fair!” “You need a big wallet to do the raids!” “Ludia only help the top players”.

I sometime think that those are are saying “you only need a Tryo or a Irritator” simply never made the commitment to do those raids every weeks. Finding some teammates when you have a fully boosted Gemini level 30 is easy, not so when you only have a Irritator level 15. But at least, it’s still feasible and fairer for all the players.

In fact, this is one thing that as far as I’m concerned, Ludia did right!!! You don’t see that many “recipes” where you simply use 4 level 30 Maxima (or whatever) and punch through anything. Not even that many 4 different level 30 Uniques/Apex. Pretty much all the time, you need one of those little “boosting” dinos (that often the big guys have to protect so it stay alive) so you can clear the pesky little dinos. If that was not intended, it’s a nice accident for sure…


That’s Thor. He’s the second easiest unique to make. While it works for this argument, it’s not the best. Now if you tell me that you have seen Gem or Skoona or Testa get to 26 in the same or less time than you can get an Apex, then you might have some evidence. But just Thor won’t cut it.


You should check the top players… I’ve seen them having all those dinos in way less than a year!

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So those top players have been playing for years and had already gotten at least one half of the dna for stuff like Skoona and Testa. Gem though i don’t think would have been easy. But if you look at newer players, they are likely going to have an Apex faster than they can get any of those to 26.


Yes, likely, but again, they will also get them as fast as ANY players, including the top players. So fair for everybody isn’t it. (Well as long as they are committed to do raids every days for those Apexes like anybody could.). Now, that being said, older players who got those Uniques because they already had some DNA in stock won’t have a problem with them, because they also have the same Apexes, and on top of those bigger Uniques… Still not see why it’s a problem.


Ok see what as a problem? In the first post, I was saying that its not just the time, but when you can actually start getting dna for Apexes and Uniques. I myself dont have a problem with players getting Uniques to 30 day one of their release. So what is the problem you see?

You’re loosing me here…

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