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Apex has exposed the fundamental issue with JWA

I’ve been away from the forum for awhile, so I am sure this topic has already been beaten into a bloody apex pulp, but I’m airing my grievances anyways!

I have been playing this game since day 1 of the US release and I have to say I am getting sick of spending the last 3 years grinding out my dino team to get completely destroyed by players who have been on for 6 months but can log into discord and unlock and level a fully team worth of apex dinos using a few lvl 15 dinos of there own.

This is really annoying and one might argue that anyone could have them… and you may be right but this really shows the biggest issue with the game is communication. What does it say about the quality of a game when the strategy to beat the best raids require a 3rd party app to get the capability to discuss and organize teams and complicated strategies.

I’m old, not used to discord and feel pretty insulted by Ludia and the complete lack of consideration for the body of players as a whole. If you wanted to make discord this big of a part of your game, you should make more of an effort to let players know about it in game. I have a lot of older players in my alliance that can’t figure it out, and once again, the lack of communication capability makes it hard to explain it, when I barely know what I’m doing my self!

You need to keep the complexity of your game to something you can functionally do in game or make better attempts of improving the chat functions. Lobby chat would be huge! Or ban apex from all raid arenas but the very top. Apex dinos only in apex battle arena! That way those that have put the time into this game can use them, and those that haven’t need to earn the right to use them!

Now that I have said my peace, let they trolling begin…

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I totally agree I’ve been in the game for about a year and a half and in all raids I have at least two things that are viable for the raids but because I didn’t communicate early on I wasn’t able to participate in the apex raids putting me well behind others and in some cases I could have done raids by myself if I could bring in 4 Dino’s but sadly that wasn’t an option.

Overall the apex raids made the game more lively sure but they hurt the people who played the game solo.

I don’t even think it’s the third party communication that’s the problem, more so the fact that you can’t get by in game. Having a way to RELIABLY communicate with your teammates would be awesome, and it would certainly help

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Maybe make it so that you can share pictures (with a filter since we know that can be abused) or have a way so that you can share a raid strat like in JWA Toolbox that you made in game, and maybe a way to DM people and send a pop up notification to them (although this obviously should be able to be turned off)

It is time for Ludia to give the option to play in solo raids with 4 of our dinos for those of us who have no contact with other players, I almost never get invited to Apex raids, I have only 15 Ceramagnus DNA and nothing else, but I could manage alone in the raids if this option existed, without waiting if one day someone invites me sometime, meanwhile the rest get DNA from these creatures, and others who have been in this game for years still have nothing.