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Hello JWA Community!

I need some guidance. I’ve a very active user. I play for 2-3 hours a day on and off. I’ve been playing for at least a couple of years. My strike team is all level 30’s and fully boosted. I end most seasons with over 6,000 trophies.

But for the life of me I can’t get any Apex DNA. Almost everyone I face now has 2 or 3 Apex dinos ranging in level from 26 to 28. When they reach 30, there is no way I can compete and this game will quickly fall in the fun category.

I rarely get asked to join raids and I don’t have a lot of experience with them. When I create one, I can never get enough players to join.

What’s the secret? Can someone give me some guidance on how to get invited on raids, and what dinos I should have to participate in them and be successful?


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might I suggest joining a raid discord server? there are many people who are willing to help you and others in all sorts of raids, idk the name, nor do I have a link, but its out there and is a good option


I also might add to find an alliance that have discord for communication so you can coordinate raid times.

Join an alliance. My alliance, IBRIS Raptor Squad, gets most of us past all Apexes every week

Do u hv a discord??or something…

We do, but it’s not mandatory, and we don’t use it for raids

Bro i send you DM you just join the discord channel… i can help you Gogeta#3904. Discord

It helps to know your lineup. If you can only bring the lowest level thing to apex raids, it will naturally be hard. But since you’re above 6k, I doubt that’s an issue. I can send you a popular raid server I know.

Ok,thank u…

Thank you all. Great suggestions. Luis, I’ll create a discord account and reach out.

Thanks again!

Get in a decent alliance. Most of the good alliances do all raids. On our side, we coordinate everything on Discord but I hear other alliances use Facebook or other means of communication. We do not raid with random people as it’s better to raid within your alliance for the weekly missions.

Would I be able to join your alliance I have 5300 trophies and I’m relatively active I would be able to do most raids if I had 3 people to help

I send you a dm @Justen_Toivonen

I’m in the same boat! Let me know if there are any good Raid Servers and I’ll be sure to help get some Apex

i have some good dinos add me on discord Carsey756#5144