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Apex idea lock it to lvl 20

Maybe reach lvl 20 b4 you can unlock them ? Collect the DNA but unable to use until 20 in game or reached avairy.

I know I help lower people do them as well, but it’s causing probs with the game, you can’t multi fuse till lvl 17
Can’t fip on some till lvl 13 and some higher


gotta be skilled enough to tame them. I mean, if a simple pachy required lv 20 to interact with i think we can do the same with apexes.


I like that idea. I was already at level 20 when the Sanctuary came along, so I didn’t even know Pachy was even locked for use for those under level 20.

I think Library is a better spot. Reach the Library and be level 20 is a good spot. I don’t think many people in the Library are under level 20, are they? Being helped to get DNA is fine, but you just can’t use it until you know how to progress as a fighter.


Make it work like unique raids and below: fix the apex creature to a lower level while players are in lower arenas. A level 26 anything is a horrible creature for players with level 11-13 teams or even 16-17 teams, not just because their wins are totally based on drawing the 26 but because everyone around them suffers. When players are in higher arenas, the cap should rise, perhaps by library the cap being removed.