Apex Ideas [Indonemys]

Give me apex Ideas

Here is indonemys

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If its to op ill change it

Yeah it’s too op make it have 1450 attack, it should have precise rampage instead of definite.

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Thanks, ill change it

It’s immunities need changing aswell maybe like

But your’s is good aswell.

Thanks for the update

Is this only for Indonemys or can we do others?

You can make customs too

I randomized an apex in builder

have you seen prowling revenge? thats probably for indonemys

Yeah probably

If you are wondering, Albertocanthops is a big joke

Love the idea for the move set, very well balanced between the indominus and the smilonemys. Great job :+1:

I loved indonemys😍

My idea is to remove it already <3

I want indomnemys to have low attack but high health.

Can we request other apexes here?