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Apex Meta is the death of the game

Only endgame players will have anything to say to oppose this, but it’s impending. Ceramagnus abusers will ruin the game for everyone else, same as anyone who draws a Mortem or Lux against any hand that has not a specific counter. It’s that time.




Magnus is actually an extension of the swapper meta. If Ludia actually brings in On Escape moves for more creatures including some 2nd tier meta creatures, it will bring it down the imbalance level.

Magnus will spoil the arena experience but not for the next month or 2. Then Ludia has to really do something before players are.running lvl 27 Magnus and literally using it to snipe everyone.

Hadros has its counters and being an Apex should be pretty tough to beat. Mortem is susceptible to the ole 1-2 heavy hit/swap in Draco/Rhino move.

The OG 2 Apex are both very vulnerable to Dracobomb. Magnus has trouble with armored opponents expecially those that counter.

The death of the game has been the revamped trophy system coupled with the Shores matchmaker.

Ludia fixing the above will make Apex meta more bearable.


Swappers are ruining the game IMO with boosts on top of it.


I think this is mostly a swapper problem, with Ceramagnus being the poster child. The other Apex aren’t significantly stronger than the better uniques, so I wouldn’t say that the Apex rarity as a whole is ruining the game.


Ceramagnus does well against Grypo, acute stun works and he can replace himself again
this nerve for Grypo … was very intelligent :man_facepalming:t3:

Ceramagnus is stupid OP. 1500 swap in strike with potential to stun and 20% chance of a Crit with a first turn Rampage and a priority acceleration move that raises you not by 10% but by 50%. Who seriously thought this was balanced?


Grypho has stun resistance so Cera will have to be lucky to beat Grypho. Also Cera cannot run so it will slowly die from being chipped to death by Grypho.

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It’s funny how people immediately start using the term “abuser” when they see people using Apex’s.

No-one is misusing these creatures, they are using them as Ludia intended.


There is obviously no way to misuse a creature, by that nature. What I mean is next boost reset it will just become swap warfare with monster Magnuses being the most insufferable part of the game.


They are still not Ceramagnus abusers.

You are the sort that blame AND label players for Ludia’s faults.


the stun worked…2 times😅

It shouldn’t actually have such high stun rate but good for you. 1 reason this game is dead. Even with the correct counter, you still lose.


Grypolith is a very good counter for Diorajasaur, and also hadros lux (if hadros got a lot of hp it’s a bit hard BTW). Same for magnus.

I agree with everything you said above but not this one. RNG can bring players up and down. It eventually enriches the experience. In this matchup, while Grypo would assume a win yet Magus came out alive. I can imagine how excited the Magus player would be.

In general we need competent on escape move dinos to counter that swap in meta. Until then we jump on the wagon or were gonna get left behind.


2.6 is around the corner. Yes, Cera is the “last drop” that secured this swapping meta and made the speed class totally useless, literally breaking the game, but we were talking about it for a long time, so I would wait until the update goes out. Yes, Ludia is horrible at balancing, but as Arugono said, it’s relatively easy to strap a few more “On Escape moves” on some dinos, without damaging the balance of the game at all, and we should go back to the old rock-paper-scissor game. Mortem is definitively not that great and by now everybody has it. Hadros is a monster (and also a light swapper…) but it’s a nice design. And after all, if Apex would be only as good as uniques, what’s the point of working soooo hard to get them.


Depending on where your at and what you face, magnus is quite easily punished after swapping in. Is it going to be a problem later, most likely. But its pinned for two turns and can be punished heavily by the opponent if they have the right hand.

Too risky to use it as a swap in early. Best broght out as a filed fighter if under leveled imo.


Thanks for making this topic!

100% agree.

The problem will be worse. Players in the middle-arenas will have access to tools that should be for end-game players.

To get APEX DNA you should fuse uniques level 25+25, or even level 30+30.

To give free premium DNA without any effort is just dumb.

And on top of this, the amount of counters is low, because not all Uniqes are made equaly good.

If (or when) boost-reset comes, the transport of boost Will go to APEX (who could not guess…) and this will totaly destroy the middle arenas.

This Will become the end of the game.
Not end-game dinos. People Will quit and the arenas become a house of slaughts.


Are you helping all the slackers in your alliance? Because in ours, we don’t. We help lower level players but we expect them to carry their weight. It’s very common for them to nail 4 out of 5 exploration missions even level 8 our 9 while some of our high level players who can make any Apex raids very easily never seem to show up in missions. So basically, I literally prefer to help somebody with a Tryo (but who’s helping us reaching high level missions and tournaments) rather than the guy who does the raid once, never show up in missions and may not even do the minimum in tournament (while ripping the reward still)… Now, does a lower level players who get early access to Apex that bad in middle arenas? Even with 3 apex in his team, do they really crush opponents 3-0 (particularly since they may have only one in their starting team?). And even if they do, they will go up by how much? 300 trophy overall? Then hit a wall again where higher level players will crush them. Until they can level up their other 5 dinos.