Apex Meta is the death of the game

Makes more sense to me now… Didn’t thought it could be that bad. So yep,rather than saying lower level players should NOT get Apex dna, a level cap would surely be the best thing to do. Who knows, maybe 2.6, if not 2.7?


I don’t know if ludia wants to take that step, but it would be the best way to satisfy the most people. Now the OP is unfortunately not gonna see this specific problem solved (apexes running train in library or aviary) but it will help the vast majority of folks who can’t have fun in pvp because one ANYTHING at 26 = gg. I am of the mindset that level > rarity when it comes to making gameplay more fun for more people. So let folks get that indoraptor with level 14 epics, as long as that indoraptor is say 15-16 along with the player’s team until they advance.

Well, for sure they have to fix arena droppers (which is a complaint that has been around way before Apex…) And a cap would fix that as well… Truly hoping for 2.6 now.

Yep. Time to get some counters on your team or quit. Y’know. Like with every dino in the game.

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It’s an onslaught of the best creatures in the game showing up at level 26, even potentially in arenas where they realistically shouldn’t be. Their limited counters are going to take exponentially longer to keep up in those arenas. Gyro and Shores won’t feel this shift quite as hard, but everyone below that will. It’s already happening.

That would be fine if, again, levels were held consistent in lower arenas. A 26 ANYTHING will smoke a level 14 ANYTHING, even if you have a “counter”. Let’s not pretend it’s the player’s fault if a 26 is running around in low arenas. I made a post about helping the lower arenas stay protected from the sheer level and boost gaps presented by apex and unique unlocks that lower players get before their teams are at that level: Make Lower Arenas More Balanced


Somehow still, I do think arena droppers are the biggest problem, not the small players though. At my level I still get way too many free wins from them as those droppers are going down at the beginning of the month (and at least now, most have the decency to play their small dinos very quickly which is a nice trend, instead of doing it AFK). So I suspect the biggest chunk of the Apex in lower levels are from droppers, who simply put Apexes and lvl 14 dinos (or even possibly lower!) in their team. One match they get their Apex and get an easy win, next match, only small dinos and they simply get a quick lost allowing them to stay were they are. On the other side, the low level player is typically a guy who work hard and want to go up in the ladder. So yes, once he get an Apex, he will crush lvl 14 dinos but for how long??? He will more than likely go up, and up, until he hit a level where a full balanced team will beat him (lvl 17? lvl 18? lvl 19? whatever) or likely where other players have teams similar to his (Apex and low lvl dinos)… Basically, who’s the most likely contender to stay in lower lvl with Apex, an arena dropper, or a low level player who only want to go up the ladder? Arena droppers should have been dealt with a long time ago. Still crossing fingers for 2.6 :slight_smile:

The issue is that, Ludia created a new rarity to keep compulsive buyers playing, and obviously the vast majority of those who get the Apex are those people, who Ludia must keep afloat because they are the people who make her enter money in the company, so he created this which makes more imbalance in the game, the only way to fix this is, putting restrictions on creature levels for the arenas, and putting limits on stat increases per creature.


I kinda don’t care about intentions, it makes for lazy play to lean on a level 26, and it makes for boring one sided matches. Nobody wants to play them, and it takes long enough to advance your team that folks who are progressing with a level 26 will lean on drawing that apex constantly. Level cap arenas, and that problem can rest. Then we can talk movesets and the like as much as we want.

The fundamentals of arena are broken. Level caps make things look fair but it only makes life easier for droppers since their creatures are more optimally boosted so they can just enjoy easy wins while not having to swap teams.

If we continue to accept that arena is fine if we fix the lower arena balance then the game dies. The problem is fundamentals not any section of the arena. When the top players are given handouts in terms of fast match ups, are allowed to hoard trophies and lose what is most lower arena players entire trophy score each, what you think is going to happen long term? More “droppers”. The wall of gatekeepers will be thicker and thicker.

Level caps just ensure everyone in that arena has more even matches in theory but there is 0 progress. Everyone isn’t improving their trophy score and soon their trophy scores slip bit by bit even when there is no reset.

Ludia has to fix the fundamentals of arena. Trophy system cannot be a zero.sum game if you insist on a huge reset and top player trophy hoarding. RNG being more.important than skill. If the correct counter played properly cannot win 90% of the time then something has gone wrong. Cera swapping in and its stun fails, then gets crit hard and dies due to being pinned down and swap killed.

The whole current droppers problem is created by Ludia not having a clue how to design an arena despite having already done the right thing in various points of the game’s history.


Its more of a swap meta atm even the old rat is back in business… Its not apex dinos.

Let’s start by fixing the creature that has an on-escape move first. Buff Spinocon to on-escape rampage like boa and give it stun resistance like boa. Then you would have to plan your swap out accordingly. And if the swap in doesn’t kill spinocon then the dino swapping in will take a hit also since stun resistance.


Add more On Escape moves. Add a On Swap In Effect too. If opponent Swaps In, the Swapped In Creature gets DOT applied b4 they can do their move or gets Distracted. Nothing Damage related just a nasty negative effect.

Some fun changes to current creatures would be nice like Mortem having On Escape Roar or Hadros having On Escape Heal. Giving Erliko (G1 and G2) and its hybrids On Escape Fury Swipes that hits both the creature coming out and the creature going in for 1x damage each.


i do agree ludia need to add a move where when opponent dino swaps in yor own dino would attack dealing 3x dmg it’s basically on escaoe rampage but stronger and in reverse instead of opponent swapping out being the trigger it’s opponent swapping in.

Hadros and Mortem definitely aren’t an issue. Bax… is weird because even in boosted, I’d argue it’s the worst Apex, but the one-sidedness of its matchups against Fierce is a bit too one-sided even as it’s not so hot against some meta attendees like Spyx & Dioraja.

The only one that’s an issue is Magnus, and as multiple people have said, it’s primarily because of swap meta. Primarily. Magnus is in and of itself very powerful and has one of the best one-on-one performances in the game. Even if the swap-meta issue were fixed, Magnus might still be the absolute best creature in the game, though the gap between it and second best (Hadros, IMO) would be much closer.

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Entelolania could have onescape devastation there’s a 3x move that would go correctly with the turtle lol. Since it’s terrible.

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You hit the nail on the head, arugono.This is the essence of the problem.
Ludia now should (they can!) check teams and trophies details of all players in the range of 7000-10000 trophies and draw their own conclusions.

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There needs to be a separate place to call for cera nerfs rather than all apexs. Mortem and lux are “balanced” but cera is just awful. I’ve been arguing for apexs as a class to be seen in arenas but I want to stress how horrible the design of cera is and how badly it needs a nerf.



Isn’t the apex called “ceramagnus”? I’m referring to the same creature when I use cera and magnus

I mean what do you mean by ceramagnus is ugly?

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