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Apex mission: Ceramagnus

Just like @Jurassic_Fury project tuora and project dioraja .

If you want faster news on all apex projects this is another topic.
My apex adventure


I’m also on it

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Hadros lux: Apex mission: Hadros lux
Refrenantem: Apex mission: Refrenantem

For each apex mission could you post the raid strat to?

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Sure I can do that


Ten characters

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Here is the strat I use for cera

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Ten characters

Do you think that the people you do it with could do it with me so I could get ceramag?

You need to be in my alliance in order to do these raids. I bet they can help if we friend each other

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Sure. NiceSapperofCyan#3436

What is you alliance?


Anybody else want to help?

Has there been any change? how many% are you now?

Not yet.


Update on mission: Ceramagnus


How’d you get 9? Isn’t 15 the minimum

He is likely a very low level player who got carried over by a strong team. You get less than 15 if your level is lower.

Ohhh ok. I was confused