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Apex mission: Haast maximus 2.0

I deleted my first Haast maximus mission so here is #2.

This is the mission to unlock Haast maximus.

Here is my apex mission for faster news.

Hadros lux: Apex mission: Hadros lux
Ceramagnus: Apex mission: Ceramagnus
Refrenantem: Apex mission: Refrenantem

Wait, how do you have 9??? I thought the lowest amount of Apex DNA you can get is 15!

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I think because it’s about what level you are, the lowest amount of Apex DNA is 15 if you are level 20.

Also, congratulations for taking down Haast Maximus, Stygionyx1!


Ooooooooooooooh! That makes sense! :sweat_smile:

And yeah, good work Stygonyx! :clap:


Thanks guys

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Ya. I got 2 9s in a row on hadros but now my lowest is 12.

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So Haast is back

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