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Apex not in Aviary thx

I think the Apex should be in the top 3 pvp. It’s like carving in water to get anywhere whit Apex lv 27-30 in Aviary. Can you plz do something this is no longer fun.


My personal opinion, a library player. Current on low library with 3 Apex on my team. My main team, with my boosts, has 3 Apex. If one day I end up on aviary, cant I use my 3 boosted Apex to climb back again? If that’s the case, Im never returning to Library…

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Aviary seems to be the 24- 30s team. So Apex do fix in this area.

As for the Apex themselves, as i sit right on the line of library and Aviary by this point most teams can semi counter them. Indeed, i only get caught by them if they have all four, or i am on my last dinos and no choices to counter.

Look into using Gemini or Ardent as they have enough health and power to eal with most of the apexs currently.


I’m currently in Library, mostly Apex teams there. :sweat_smile: At least for the ones I’ve been matched with.

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Well the horrid matchmaking is the problem. I am in Aviary with my own Apex dinos and still face level 29 and 30 fully boosted dinos. I have been stuck in Aviary for 3 years now. Maybe if Ludia would do something about the dropper problem, then maybe there will be an advancement.

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I think the issue is the change of trophies since there was that change, I when I reach 4900 trophies they match me with teams of more than 29, 30, less of those trophies are even matches with my team 24, 25.


But if that’s the case, is something very wrong! We have so many dinos to pick from but 70% we can’t use today.

@Ned for when we’ll get solo raids with 4 creatures of ours, as I never get Apex raid invites since the raids came out, and I only have 15 Ceramagnus dna, and a menu with eligible bosses for when they don’t show up in the game circle, I would like to have those options in some future update.


Eventually we are going to have posts about certain rarities not being allowed in lower arenas.

Oh, you just got Thor and your in Sorna Marshes? Sorry but you can’t use Thor in PvP till you get to Lockwood Estates. Until then your stuck battling with Legendary’s .

Oh, you got Indominus Rex and your in Badlands? Sorry but you can’t use Legendary’s till you get to Sorna Marshes. Until then, your stuck using Epics.

This would give new players an incentive to move up arenas and possibly deter dropping to some extent.

If you can’t use Apex’s till your in Library, for those who are getting them and not up to Library yet, it gives them incentive to strive to get there.

Lol this really got you going! This is a good discussion I think. But haven’t Thor already been twisted?

does it really tho? the possibility is high for those who haven’t unlocked them yet. bur for those who have it is taking away quite possibly their best or highest leveled creatures for an extended period of time. Arena bouncing is something people contend with when on the borders so they could be in a higher arena one battle then the next not be able to use some of their team and have to find replacements for a battle or two. that constant yo-yo there and rearranging the team because you can’t use certain creatures below XXXX would be incredibly frustrating.


I admire you that played the same for 3 years, that im not going to do! I will get super bored. And that’s sad because i love this game

I doubt it, for those like me who sit on the 5000 boundry line, i have some in libeary then some in aviary. I would find it even more annoying to constantly switch my team just to advance back to an old area.

Worse still when you get bad RNG luck against teams you can be knocked down almost two arenas if you are really unlucky.

I didn’t think off the switch! Do you have any thoughts about this problem I feel about this. How do you think it can be solved?

That’s a feature I would like to see as well. :sweat_smile:

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I was for limiting rarity per arena but that would work only if you could reallocate your boosts at will. I was thinking depot and above apex allowed, aviary and above unique allowed, etc…

The best might be to introduce level and boost caps per arena, like aviary 21 (14/7), library 24 (16/8), depot 27 (18/9) and shores 30 (20/10).

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The biggest problem is then you would need to have several teams set up, should you drop below a limit due to bad luck.

(personal suggestion)
lets say this game doesnt shut for another few years, the level limit has been raised to more than 30, and ludia is planning to add a whole new rarity above apex. I would really hope it is stronger than the apex and unique rarity, but its exclusivity is way beyond the current apexes, people dont get them from raids (not a lot anyway), but from battling in pvp and tournaments. only top (10? 100? 500?) players in pvp and tournament get to receive a certain amount of dna for those creatures, and only the elites have a chance to unlock them in a few months, while other players take even longer to unlock as they gain the dna really slowly, however the creatures are so powerful that its worth the grind to unlock